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Volume 2 Issue 1(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Projecting a possibility reflections on effective teaching in higher educational institutes Shantha M. R
Personalizingrelationship through counseling: Some reflection on prerequisites of student counseling in Higher Education Dr. Puttaraju. K.
Teaching effectively with technology Significance of ict factor in higher education Chandra Shekhar. H. D
Growing trendsof distance learning in India problems, performances prospects Dr. Shashikumar
Reactions to instruction- developing aneffective evaluation strategy in higher education Chaitra. S .G
Learningthrough values - need for promotion of ethical competencies in higher education Dr.Veena. H .N.
Envisioningthe future- prospects of higher education in India Padmavathi.P. R
Establishingcredibility -imperatives of learning through research in higher education Poornima. P.
Leading a country right- new & innovative  opportunities for entrepreneurship expansion in India Suma .D. G.
Enhancingcampus capacity for leadership- strategies in career counseling Nandan .P.