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For Authors

Call for Original Papers

International journal of Academic research- a single platform to disclose the research abilities and promote quality and excellence of young researchers and experienced thoughts towards Change for Development of nations, published quarterly in Multilanguage. IJAR calls for unpublished scholarly written research paper, case study, book review or article in the field of MULTI DISCIPLINARY - social science, humanities and technology etc.

Guidelines to the Authors
  1. Manuscript must be on a standard A4 size paper setting. It must be prepared on 1.5 space and typed in 12 point Times New Roman Font. Researh paper/article should not exceed more than 15 pages.
  2. Author Name(S) & Affiliations: The author (s) full name, designation, affiliation (s), address, mobile/landline numbers, and email/alternate email address should be underneath the title.
  3. Abstract: Abstract should be in fully italicized text, not exceeding 300 words. The abstract must be informative and present overall idea (explain background, aims, methods, results and conclusion) of the paper.
  4. Keywords: Abstract must be followed by list of key words, subject to the maximum of five. These should be arranged in alphabetic order.
  5. Introduction : A short introduction of the research problem followed by by a brief review of literature and objectives of the research
  6. Materials and Methods: Describe the materials used in the experiments and methods used for data collection, statistical tools used in data collection
  7. Results and Discussion: This segment should focus on the fulfilment of stated objectives as given in the introduction. It should be contained the findings presented in the form of tables, figures and photographs
  8. Conclusion: Analysis concludes with suitable and effective suggestions (if any).
    (Papers relating to the Languages may be followed as their research style (Ph.D/M.Phil) style)
  9. Style of Referencing:The list of all references should be alphabetically arranged. It must be single spaced, and at the end of the manuscript. The author (s) should mention only the actually utilised references in the preparation of manuscript and they are supposed to follow Harvard Style of Referencing. The author (s) are supposed to follow the references as per following:
    • Books : Sundara Rao M., (1996), "Tribal Development." Tata McGraw, Hill, New Delhi, page. 250
    • Contributions to books : Ramana T.V (2008) ,” Education- A multi Dimensional weapon for alround Development: Edited by D.Pulla Rao, Development of Education-Emerging Dimensions in 21st Century, Chapter 13, pp.190-202.
    • Journal and other articles : Schemenner, R.W., Huber, J.C. and Cook, R.L. (1987), "Geographic Differences and the Location of New Manufacturing Facilities," Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 83-104.
    • Conference papers : Chandel K.S. (2009): "Ethics in Commerce Education." Paper presented at the Annual International Conference for the All India Management Association, New Delhi, India, 19–22 June.
    • Unpublished dissertations and theses : Kumar S. (2006): "Customer Value: A Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Customers," Thesis, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.
    • Online resources : Always indicate the date that the source was accessed, as online resources are frequently updated or removed.
    • Website : Kelkar V. (2009): Towards a New Natural Gas Policy, Economic and Political Weekly, Viewed on February 17, 2011
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