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Volume 4 Issue 1(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
The Impact of a Training Program Based on the Visual Words Composition Techniques on the Development of Reading Comprehension Skills among the Students of Primary Stage Mohammad Khasawaneh
Compositional changes of public expenditure in Andhra Pradesh B.Lilly
Globalization Vs Linguistic Nationalism – Ban & Boon B.V.L.A. Manga
Financial Appraisal of Grid Corporation of Odisha Limited (Gridco)- An Analytical Study Bhagyadhar Nayak
Attitude of School Teachers towards community participation to provide physical facilities in promoting Quality education at school level K.Kavitha
Growth and performance of textile industry in India-an overview M. Sasi Bhushan
A Study on the Aspects of Consumer Protection in Microfinance B Padma Narayan, and Ch. Sri Lakshmi Prasuna
Bhattacharya's ‘Goddess Named Gold’ –A Plea for Woman's Empowerment A. Ramesh Babu
Bisexual People Face Pervasive Stereotypes and Myths Surrounding Bisexuality: A Critical Analysis S.A.K. Azad and Prafulla Kumar Nayak
Role of Peace and Value Education for National Integration and Communal Harmony in India Rachna Pathak
Ocean Pollution: Its Meaning, Causes and Effects on Marine Animals Malti
Critical Study on Cyber Laws Related to Information Technology Act – 2000 M.Narsingh
Organizational Psychology in India B.Nagaprasad
A glimpse on Leadership Styles and Success Manthra K.Chandrasekhara Rao
Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development: HR Perspective Varalaxmi Seeram M and T. Subbarayudu
History of Dalit Resistance In British-Christian India Sunitha Pandi
Understanding Early Childhood - A look Mohammed Abdul Hai
The Nature of the Expansion of the Universe from the Study of the Gravitational Red- Shift Anathnath Ghosh
Madi Reddy Sulochana Navallo Srti Samasyaa Chitrana Syed Afrin Begum
Decentralization and Grassroots Democracy – Gandhi Kedareswari Narava
Human Resource Development and its Challenges B. Nagaprasad
Higher Education in India - the Road to Progress A R S Kumar,L. Malleswara Rao & K Venkaterwarlu
A Critical Review on the Right to Information Act, 2005 K.Chandrasekhara Rao
A case study on Customers’ perception regarding effectiveness of CRM practice in APEPDCL A.S.Prasad
Factors of Bearıng Many Chıldren’s Study B. Raveendra Naik
An Analysis of Adult Education Programme-With Special Reference to Belur Taluk Rathna Y.D
Role of Social Sciences In Limiting Economic Growth And Development M.Bala Swamy
The Role of Accounting in Introducing Environmental Tax and Evaluating its Impact on Investment Attraction Mariam Mohsen Labib Besaly
Formation of repo (repurchase) agreements in Uzbekistan and its significance in development of market economy Bobojonov Mardonbek Erkinovich
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Block Scheduling as Perceived by Middle School Students Suat KAYA and Meral AKSU
Role of exercise and Cardiac Rehabilitation in CVD-A Review Prabhavalkar Shruti, Mandalika Subhadra,Uppalapati Kaushiki and V. Anantha Lakshmi,
The influence of learner attitude on the management and provision of quality knowledge and skills in higher education institutions (HEIs) Anyona N. Andrew,
Corporate Governance Contribution in Gaining and Retaining Intellectual Capital Leading as a Mediator to Enhance Financial Performance: An Empirical Study Mohamed Hassan Abdel-Azim and Hanan Adel Abdel Aziz El Gamal