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Volume 3 Issue 2(2) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Higher Education- Pearls and Pitfalls B.Venkatachalapath
Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions G. Sunil Kumar
Globalization and Higher Education in India: A Study Ramesh Moturi
Empowering Women in Higher Education M.Gopala Krishna
Higher Education in India – Issues and Challenges G.Elisha Babu
National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) - Indian Rankings Work for Institutes of Higher Education: Issues and Challenges J.S.Prabhakara Rao and Alluri Venkata Nagavarma
Continuous Professional Development for English Teachers in Undergraduate Colleges P.Vijaya Lakshmi
Issues and Challenges in Higher Education A.P.V. Appa Rao, J Rama Mohan, P Ramakrishna Rao and K Ram Narayana
Curriculum design and development using choice based Credit system Kabitha Rani. Bethala, K.V.R.B.Vara Lakshmi and D.Vara Lakshmi
Promoting excellence- research in academic development Madhu Shalini Kusuma
Role of Governance, Leadership and Faculty in Promoting Excellence in Higher Education C Satyavani and A R S Kumar
Student engagement in higher education institutions P. Siri Varshini
Higher Education and Some Best Practices: A Review P.Venkata Subbarao, K.U.B.N.V.Prasad and G.Rangababu
Role of HRD in Higher Education D.M. Kalyana Rama Krishna Rao and Gandham Sri Rama Krishna
Choice-Based Credit System in India: A Critical Evaluation B.V.R.Naidu and O.V.A.M. Sreedevi
Challenges and Opportunities in Commerce Education J.Madan Mohan
Existence to Excellence: Challenges faced by Management Schools in Rural India CMA Rajendra Kumar T, Madhu. T and S Ramesh Babu
Higher Education in India through Research Development K. Jaya raju & V Vijayanand
Management of Higher Education – Quality Perspective D.Venkatapathi Raju and U.Madhuri
Manpower Planning For Higher Education in India: Challenges and Issues V.MonicaPersis ,K.L. Sirisha and V.N.Divya
Higher Education: Issues and Concerns V. Venkata Ramana
Self-Access Learning K. Pankaj Kumar
Role of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in Quality Improvement in Higher Education Vemula Trimuthulu and Boda Srinivasa Rao
Choice Based Credit System – Features and Importance G.David Livingstone
Strategic Governance for Higher Education S S Smitha A.Neeraja, R.L.Lavanya, V.Lakshmi Papa & G J Prasanna
Renovation & Rejuvenation of Higher Education Guru Pratap Reddy
Curriculum Design and Development: The Essentiality of Aligning with NSQF Koteswara Raju Penmetsa and Satyanarayana Katreddi
Indian Higher Education – Financing Aspects and Quality Issues Surya Rao. Kappagantula, Bhaskara Rao Kolli,K.A.S.P. Rama Raju and A. Krishna Mohan
Student- Centric- Learning - Thrust for creative thinking G. KondalaRao
NAAC Assessment – Seven Steps to better our Best P.C.Swaroop and NVVS Prasad
Research in Higher Education for Rural India and Sustainable Development K .Suri Naidu
Higher Education in India – Issues, Challenges and Suggestions P.V.Rama Raju, P.Harikrishnam Raju, Alluri Surendra and V.Subba Raju
Overview of the Recommendations of the National Knowledge Commission N.J.Padmakara Babu
Research–A Parameter in Promoting Quality in Higher Education V. Subhashini
Promoting excellence in higher education Issues and challenges Ch Jayashree