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Volume 2 Issue 4(4) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Empathy in Crime News Reporting Sharon Wilson
A multi-objective stochastic programming model for hybrid flow shop scheduling problem with uncertain processing time M.Ebrahimi
Contribution of Chola Dynasty to Hindu Spirituality N. Kanakaratnam
Study on the influence of Marine Algae Properties by using in Concrete Pagoti Sireesha and N.Vidyasagar lal
Medical negligence and consumer protection Act: A critical assessment D. Moharana,
Survey of Professional Stress and Self-Concept of Teachers Working at various levels from 1990-2015 Sudha Priya and G.Suneetha Bai
A Study on Occupational Stress of Teachers Working in Diet Colleges D.Prasanna Kumari and G.Suneetha Bai
Svatantrata Sangraam ko hindee patrakaarita ka yogadaan Balaji Naik.L
Financial Assistance of Banks to Self Help Groups in India Sk.Madeenavali
Study of attitude of teachers and students of senior secondary level towards yoga education Prince Parmar
Performance of Regional Rural Banks in India- An operational Study Haramohan Panigrahi and Sradhananda Das
The Thematic Study of Anita Desai M.Nageswara Rao and T.Abraham
Swachh Bharat: Some Issues and Concerns P.Venkata Subbarao and S.Somasekhar
Work Life Balance – Job Satisfaction & Turn over Intentions Suresh Babu Bandekar and B Murali Krishna
The Shadow Lines – The Mirror of Multi-Cultures M.Nageswara Rao and T.Abraham
Electoral Reforms in India Issues and Concerns Allu Radha Krishna
A Study on Training Programmes in Government of Kerala M.S.Sajeev kumar
An overview on Agricultural Marketing and warehousing system in India J.S .Prabhakararo
Academician’s Efficiency of the Converged International Financial Reporting System Adapa Jyothi
Fertilizer usage for Sustainable Agriculture- Study G.Padma Latha