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Volume 2 Issue 3(4) Articles List

Name Author(s)
The Understanding & Management of Conflict in Sports Organization KiranRowth .S
Elbow injuries in throw sports combating risk factors & preventive measures Shivaraju .K
Managing competitive school programs Srinivasa .V
Elementary physical education building –a solid movement foundation Anjan Kumar B .J
Sports & media – roles & responsibilities Nanjunda . R
Tactical neutralization techniques of track & field fundamentals for teachers & coaches: Chandrashekhara. K
New guidelines for sports & energy drinks Praveen M
Resistance building–promotion of anti-biotic resistance in athlete: Yogish. B
Sports safety & gender issues –gender specific disorders in sports Sharadamma .B
A study of socio economic status of sports participation of women in southern universities of Karnataka state: Gayathramma .G. P
Change process in sports & physical education &management Anil Kumar H K
A comparative study of socio economic status of physical fitness & morphological analysis of track & field athletics & team game athletes in Karnataka universities Naganna .M. S
Competency building through sports Madhukumar. M
Shaping the future of sports - partnership through sponsorships: B. Mahadevaswamy
Competency development in sports & physical education management Sathish. B. P
Cardio workouts through aerobics Srinivasa .G
Sports participation of women Krishnaveni
Nutrition requirements for women in sports- nutrition for women athletes Sowbhagya. B. S
Healthy eating & healthy hydration habits –developing healthy habits in young women athletes Anitha. S.M
Decision making in physical education & athletics administration – a case method approach Subramani. N
Bonding with brands strategies of common-wealth sports marketing Hanumantharayappa .A
Physical activity research & inventions with older adults – perspectives & issues Girija. S