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Volume 4 Issue 4(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Effect of Household characteristics on the household welfare (In the case of Soro Woreda, Ethiopia) Bereket Admasu
A Comprehensive Financial Reporting Quality Measure Amira Mohamed Kamal
Noise pollution- a threat to human health with special reference to household noise Dipti rekha Mohapatra and Indu rekha Mohapatra
Pakistan’s role in cross Border Terrorism in India and America’s Response Ch Chiranjibi Rao
Sustainable Agriculture: A Key to Sustainable Development Dipti rekha Mohapatra
Computer Modeling and Speciation G.Rama Babu
Sub Regionalism Politics in Odisha and Demand For Koshal State Dasarathi Bhuiyan
Personal construct psychology theory for teachers’ personality development Sonia Harsh
Study of a Cosmological Model in Brans-Dicke Theory of Gravitation Ch.PapaRao
Romanticism of Poets For Poetry Saroj Kumar khan
A Study on Origin and Progress of District Cooperative Central Banks in India S.Sanyasi Rao
Investment patterns of stock investors in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh – an analysis B.N. Surekha and N.T.K. Naik
A Study on Awareness towards E-Banking in Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh K. Gopal and G. Ramakrishna
A Message from Non-Fiction Writings D. Krishna Kumari
Poverty in India – Alleviation measures P. Durga Prasad
Redefining Health & Hygıene-Towards a Healthıer Rural India Shashikumar
Empowerment of Indian Women-Role of MGNREGS (A Study in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana): Yedukondalu Narendra
Karnataka legislative - reporting B.N.Sridhara and N.Mamatha
Sahityam-neeti :G.Jhansi Vani
Matrumurthi vysistyam Boddu Vijaya Bharathi
Hitha bodhiniki Sathajayanthi R.Ramulu
Capacity building for enterprise growth and sustainability in MSME: A Study Kongala Ramprasad and Marka kiran
Impact of Self-Help Groups on Empowerment of Rural Women– A Case Study in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh Kaki Sambasivarao