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Volume 4 Issue 2(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Adaptation Study of The Motivation Scale for The Preschool Children (DMQ18) Saide ÖZBEY and H. Elif DAĞLIOĞLU
A Comparative Study of Claim Settlement Ratio of LIC and Private Insurers in India Vikas Gairola
Fredric Henry –A Bundle Of Contradictions –A Reading of A Farewell to Arms Srinivas Madupu
The Tradition of Preservation and Compilation of the Holy Qur’an: An Ethno Collection System M. Nurul Amin Sheikh
Tackling Corruption in India’s Courts Monika Garg
Effect of gender, age and academic qualifications on source of job stress of secondary school teachers Vemula Thrimoorthulu and D. S. N. Sastry
Indo-Bhutan Trade Relations: An Analysis Ranjana Sharma and Jawahar Lal
Self – Help Groups and Economic Empowerment of Women in India Udayakumara M
The study on performance of life insurance sector in India - an overview R.Vijaya Naik and Krishna Banana
To Study the Consumer Behaviour towards Purchase of House under TNHB Schemes with reference to Chennai city R.Balakrishnan and R.Hamsalakshmi
Shobha De: The Changing Image of Modern Indian Woman K.V.S. Maheswara Rao
Girl Child Issues: Stringent Policies in India K. Venkata Naidu and G. Santha Rao
Shear retrofitting of RC Beams: V. Venkata Ramana, P.Meher Lavanya, P.Markandeya Raju & M.Pavan Kumar
Effectiveness of Training Influence the Growth & Development - A Case Study of Emami Paper Mills Limited Tulasi Bej and Debadutta Das
Human Resource Management and Practices in Indian Banks Kalakotla Suman
A Glimpse of Corruption A.V.Gopala Rao
Rise of Juvenile Crimes among the Older Juveniles in India: A Critical Analysis of Its Pattern, Cause and Legal Framework with Special Reference to State Of Odisha Bishwa Bhusan Nayak and S.D Maharana
Rising Intolerance in India - Protecting Spirit of Secularism Sakshi Choudhary
A Study on Sustainable Development of Modern Technology and New Challenges in India M. Narsingh
Tobacco problem: Indian perspective Sakshi Choudhary