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Volume 4 Issue 12(2) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Indian Agriculture: Problems in agricultural marketing and remedial measures Ch. Jagadeeswari
Preparation and Characterisation of Self-Healing Polyuretahne Composites Replacing Conventional Curing Catalysts Neetha John, Keerthi K Pai, Al Ibrahim Aishwarya, Rebecca R.
Corruption and Economic Development Nisar Ahmad Shah
Causes of child domestic labour in west Godavari district, Akana Lakshmi
Principle of precaution for sustainable development M. Madhumathi
Emphasis on the Policies, Technology and Management of Solid Waste Shaik Heena Kauser
Agricultural Finance in Odisha: A Comparative Study of Farmers Perception and Bankers attitude towards agricultural credit Surendra Kumar Mallick and Tushar Kanta Pany
The Message and the Medium: A Study of Bhabani Bhattacharya’s Novels Indu Sharma
performance evaluation of agricultural regulated markets in Chittoor district, A.P B. Reddeppa and P.V.Narasaiah
Abhijnana Sakunthalam - Manava jeevana Darpanam K.V.R.BVaralakshmi
Hithabodhiniki Sathajayanthi Rathlavath Ramulu
Kangukuri,Chilakamarthi vaari Rachanalu Dwivedi Krishna Gayatri
Museumlo Manishi Tatwam Ch.PraveenKumar
Strivadam Swecha Udyamam Dharavath Rami
Maarishas me Hindi- Lekhan K.Nageswara Rao
The Derivational Affixes of Bambasi Mao Language: Morphological Analysis Negassa Etana and Taliye Beletew
Import Substitution Industrialization and Currency Devaluation: Time Series Evidence from Ethiopia Abreham Mengistu Adera
Fine motor activities as contributing factors to the improvement of children handwriting fluency, handwriting quality and drawing skills Kasahun Tadesse
Assessing Trends and Causes of Educational Wastage in Primary Schools. The Case of Ilubabor Zone. Its implication to quality of Education Aschalew Terefe Refu and Bonsa Shume Tefera
Improving the Practices of Cooperative Learning in Mettu University, Institute of Education and Professional Development studies: the Case of Third and Second Years Students Tekalign Minalu,Tesfaye Kebede and Tewodros Asmare