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Volume 2 Issue 4(7) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Growing Nigeria: One Farm at a Time Emmanuel Olusegun, Stober
The Political Economy between India Pakistan Trade Relations Malik Mudassir Ahmad, Dr. Ku Hasnita Samsu , Pervaiz Ali Mahesar, Ghulam Mujtaba Khushk, and Malik Muzaffar Ahmad
Political Awareness among Educated Women of Anand City of Gujarat Ramesh H.Makwana
Counselling HIV /Aids Patients Jampa Venkata Rama Chandra Rao
Gnapakalaputallo Dasara pata Namballa Bhanusri
Role of Communication facilities in the development of Ramanuja Palli village, Tirupati – A study B. Raveendra Naik
Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Purchase Decision of Toilet Soap Users Suresh. Kamarapu
Impact of Private Label Brands on Purchase Decision of Consumers With special reference to More Mega Mart, Hyderabad, Telangana Suresh. Kamarapu and B. Rajeshwar Rao
Current Trends of HRD Practices in Changing Business Environment-Empirical study S.Sundararajan
Awareness and Satisfaction Level of Public towards Health Insurance Schemes in Mysore District S.Venkatesh and Prashantha
Geographical Indications as Gateway for Protection of Local Interest- An Analysis Form Indian Perspective Neelima Bogadhi
From Face to Face Communication to Computer Mediated Communication: An Analysis of changing Personality & Language Traits Krishnaveer Abhishek Challa
Financial Inclusion – The Role of Microfinance Institutions B.Rama Mohan Rao
Dr. Umar Alisha(1885-1945) Ch.Padmavathi
Study of Communication Problems as Dimension of Psychological Stress among Science Students Narendra Kumar
Trade guilds –ruling the political economy of medieval south India Vidya H.N
Gender trends in Kannada novels – the Changing Scenario Ravi.N.R
Effects of Advertising on Consumer and Social Ethics R. Venkateswarlu
Consumers’ awareness on marketing of brand fertilizer G.Padma Latha
Study of Need Succourance and Need Nurturance in Relation to Under Achievement of Higher Secondary Students Neeti Naveen
In-Flight Market Place: An Innovative Marketing Strategy V.Soma Sekhar, G.Rama Krishna and K.Venugopal Rao
Implementation of Mahatma Gandhi national Rural Employment guarantee scheme in east Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh K.Yamuna, G.Steeven Raju and R.sudarshana rao
The Child is the Father of the Man Nalli Raju
Behind the success of Harry Potter P. Y. Krupavaram