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Volume 2 Issue 4(5) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Some Issues on Food Security in India J.V.K.V. Pandit
Effectiveness of Asha Workers for the Promotion of Community Health Gopi M and Dr. J Henry Rozario
Myth and reality in the works of the Indian ‘TRIO B.Satyanarayana
An overview on the recent performance of Agricultural Marketing and Warehousing in Andhra Pradesh T.V.Ramana
Causes of School Dropouts: An overview K. Ravindra
The Protean Face of Justice (From Plato to Amartya Sen) C.S. Chakravarthy
Promotion of Kannada literature: The role of Karnataka Vidya Vardhaka Sangha Ravi .N. C
Identification of training needs through effective competency mapping practices – A Study Sridevi Maganti and B. Kuberudu
Globalization: India’s Concern over Unsettled Issues S.Radha Ramana
The Morphometric And Merestic Characteristics of Bombay Duck (Harpodon Nehereus) from Vasista Godavari Estuary K. Lakshmi Kantamma and D.E. Babu
Toxicity of Aluminum Salts on Lc 50 of Indian Major Carp, Catla (Hamilton) C. Manjulata and D. E. Babu
Financial Innovations towards Indian Capital Markets Santanu Kumar Das and Yajnya Dutta Nayak
Swift’s Use of Satire in Gulliver’s Travels Ankit Tyagi
Human Rights--Environmental Protection M. Sanjeeva Rao
A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility Contribution to Sustainable Development in India Venkatesha.K
Comparative evaluation of achievement motive and adaptation of students in traditional and smart high schools of Kerman Ezatollah Ghadampour and Masoumeh Zangiabadi
A Study of Online Banking Attacks and Vulnerabilities Ramakrishna Chittajallu
Kannada TV News Channels and Social Awareness Krishna
Historical perspective of Magna Carta Ch.Padmavathi
Dimensions of effective human and organizational communication practices M. Supremakar