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Volume 2 Issue 4(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Folk Media Use for Prevention of HIV/AIDS Infection and Spread in Rural Nigeria: A Prescriptive Approach Leo O.N. Edegoh , Aniebo C. Samson and Ephraim E. Ezebuenyi
Utilising Information and Communication Technology in Reporting Development in Rural Nigeria Daniel T. Ezegwu, Genevieve Oluchukwu Abone and Iniobong Nda
Restitution of Conjugal Rights: Is discrimination continuing against women? Anju Mohan and M. K. Gauthaman
Information and Communication Technology - A Boon to Higher Education System in India S. DIVYA
India – China Trade Relations: Recent Scenario K.Prasad
Nonverbal Communicability and Artistic Appreciation of Stone Age Art Ravindrababu Veguri
Visual Media and Objectification of Women-Issues and concerns Asha Bhandari
Quality Improvement in Teacher Education Pushpa Bhatt
Supply Chains System Risk, Opportunities And Threats; A Study of Tata Steel Groups S.N Sangeetha
Women Domestic Workers – Conditions of Work and Legal issues J.Pratima
Concept, Initiatives and Issues of E-governance in India: An analysis G.P.Rama Krishna
Adunika Sahityam-Maanavatha Drukpadam P.SrinivasaRao
A Study on the Impact of Advertisement and Sales Promotion on the Buying Behaviour of Gold Jewellry Consumers’ of Trivandrum District .K.Ramachandran and DayanaSajjanan
The Unorganized Labour and Social Security in India G. Pradeep Chandra
Social maturity of hearing and hearing impaired in relation to their academic achievement Ch. Baby Prasuna
Human Rights of People with HIV and Aids K.Suresh Kumar
Human Resource Development strategies in power sector: A case study with reference to Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company limited B.Padmaja and N. Venkateswara Rao
Empowerment of the Tribal Women in Karnataka in Present Social Order: A Sociological Analysis Ramakrishnappa.D.C
Biological synthesis of stable Zinc oxide nanoparticles and its role as anti-diabetic and anti-microbial agents Aakash Koli
Need of Scientific Temper in evolving India Ritu Nautiyal
An overview on South Asian History N. Kanakaratnam
New Implications on Disaster Risk Reduction Management- Strategies for Empowering Women about Managing Crisis VIDYA. H.N
Establishment of Mysore University – A Historical move towards Educational Progression Lingaraju
Violence against Women in India: A Review Allu Radha Krishna
Raatriaya swathantratha Andalan ka Kanaghar Savetha singhal sogathri
Demographic and Contraceptive Behaviour of Women in Rural Area of Chittoor District B.Raveendra Naik