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Volume 2 Issue 3(6) Articles List

Name Author(s)
New reflections on the Manuscript conservation –technical aid through digitization Annaiah H
New Reflections on Curative Conservation of Manuscripts Anuradha H. R
New reflections on conservation of heritage buildings – the constitutional provisions Chaitra. S .G
Indian constitutional provisions towards conservation of archeological inheritance D.B. Channabasappa
The Scholastic Contributions of Oriental Research Library Of Mysore Towards Collection & Preservation Of Manuscripts Chethan .M .J
Integrated Pest management in Manuscript Museums Gayathri .N
The antiquities and art treasures act –protecting heritage through legislation Kiranrowth .S
Pest management in manuscript libraries K. N. Krishnegowda
Museums – reflecting the art of conservation Lakshmi G R
National museum History, art & conservation – An answer to conservation Lingamurthy G H
Building a career in manuscript conservation –opportunities & challenges Padmavathi P. R
The Treasures of Knowledge -Manuscript Libraries in India Suma. D.G
Community stakeholdership in manuscript conservation Tabassumshabeena
Manuscript writing through India ink Dr. Puttaraju K
Understanding through New Concepts -Archival of Manuscripts VasanthaKumari C
Conservator as a heritage bearer -the roles, responsibilities & challenges of a Manuscript conservator Vidya .H.N
Technical Approaches to Conservation –The Challenges of Digitization of Manuscripts: Veena K R
Understanding & conceptualizing the heritage of manuscripts: Veena. H.N
Birch bark manuscripts –significance & challenges of their conservation : Srinivasa .V
Illuminated manuscripts of India – with special reference to Moghul manuscripts Shankar .S
The process of preservation of manuscripts – the initial precautions Shantha P. R
Preserving a legacy through technology -digital library initiatives Lingaraja
Conserving heritage –the contributions of VedanthaBhodhini Sanskrit school Melukote Ramya