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Volume 2 Issue 3(2) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Changing Status of Indian Cities – From Walled Fortresses To Shared Spaces – A Historical Perspective Vidya H N
Conceptualization of Urban Life – The Lessons from Ancient India Veena.H.N.
Indian Urban Youth & Sporting Awareness in India - role of sports organizations in sports promotion KiranRowth .S
Planning urban India- role of stable governance in urban policy framing: Shantha. P. R
Changing urban shopping trends –prospects of mobile commerce in urban India- impact on urban economy Madhusudana . E.
Boosting Urban Economy- Career Management Through Vocational Courses in urban India K . T. Venkatesh
Challenging Urbanization – Time For Rational Planning In Favor of Urban Poor in India Umesh. B .C .
Towards Financial Inclusion –Reflections on the role of Urban Cooperative Banks In Urban India Ravikumar .H.T
Urban Indian language culture –Strategies to prevent English taking over regional languages Manjunatha M. S
The Concept of Smart Cities as a Solution to Urban Crisis In India- Challenges for Future Boraiah. H J
Pedaling Towards Healthier India- promotion of Urban Cycling Habits Nanjunda .R
Reflections on town planning Education in Ancient India & its contemporary relevance in Urban India Ushadevi . A
Strategies For Fighting obesity – The Urban Indian Fitness Answers Anjan Kumar B. J
The Gestures of Goodwill- Urban Youth & Social Work: Vijayalakshmi .M
A strategic perspective on entrepreneurship development in urban India Suma D. G
Changing patterns of urban consumer in India –impact on urban economy M.V. Pushpa Kumar
Addressing garbage Crisis in India Urban waste management policy & it’s implications Suresha .C
Urban water management -challenges in India– the global paradigm Kudarihalningappa
Urban Housing – Challenges of Urban Economy Madappa
Building inclusive cities – issues relating to urban economies & national urban livelihood mission – a critique Seemakouser
The challenges of urban housing & human rights in urban india - role of government Rupaingalahalli
Urbanization In Ancient India– Growth of City Culture -A Historical Perspective Savitha.B
Challenges of Higher Education in Urban India – A Historical Analysis: Shashikala N. J
Conceptualizing urban Indian fitness style-Yogic practices & urban stress removal strategies: Srinivasa . V
Touring with leisure- strategies to develop urban tourism in India Shashikumar
Challenges of Upbringing Adolescents- Impact on Economy -Changing role of Urban parents in India Bhagyalakshmi .V
Urban housing strategies through five year plans –an analysis Prameela . A .S
India- Addressing Urban Indian Traffic Challenges: VasanthaKumari
Urban Political Responsiveness –Strategies to Sensitize Urban Youth – A Historical Perspective Gayathri .
Financial Inclusion & Urban Women’s Financial Access to Banking via BharateeyaMahila Bank Nandan .P
Physical Education Scenario In Urban India –Time for Decision Making in Physical Education & Sports Administration Subramani . N
Urban Knowledge Needs -Time to Rejuvenate National Translation Policy Anuradha .H .R .
Abacus Math–An Urban Strategy to Smarter Children Bindu M .M.
Urban Governance & Political Rights - Strategies to Empower Stake Holders: D.B. Channabasappa