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Volume 2 Issue 2(6) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Rural women empowerment through inclusive growth Srinivasa N V
Evolving wisdom-empowering women through spirituality: Manjula .V.
Aging towards self-reliance: Problems of aged women in India and empowering prospective strategies : P. R. Shantha
Understanding mobility among rural women – time for a strong policy making: Chaitra. S .G
Marching towards Sustainability - Role of Women in Environmental Conservation: Manjunath K. V
Nutritional Status of Girl Child in India: The role of Government in paving way for inclusive Growth Management : Nandeesha. M
Lighting the Path towards Gender Equality – The impact of Solar Electrification on Rural Women : Latha. C.V
Mechanisms for Sustainable Community Building through Participation & the Case of Rural Women : Shivaramaih
Disaster Management & Disaster Risk Reduction Management – Time for Gender: Diwakar. C
Social Transformation & Family Relations – The Role of Women in Changing Family ties: Puttaswamy A.C
Challenges of rural tourism - Time to reconsider women as instruments of rural tourism promotion: Gangadhara .P.S
Debating women’s equality - new mechanisms for human rights awareness for women in India: G. Sharadamma