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Volume 2 Issue 2(5) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Cooperatives as Pathways to Socioeconomic Empowerment: Critical Review: DerejeFekaduDeressa
Make in India: Is a Possible Reality project or Merely an Illusion? T.V.Ramana
Conceptualising social intelligence: a key to Workplace success: S.Hannah Sharon
Micro Finance Approaches: Dominant & the Emerging Models: SumanKalyanChaudhury,Debi Prasad Misra, and SudhnsuSekhar Dash
Enhancement of fiber concrete strength by using GGBS and RHA: T. Ravi Prasad, V.Pradeep and CH. V. HanumanthaRao
A Study on Khadi and Village Industries Sector: K. Balasubramanyam
Child Labour and Education in India: Ch. Ramana Rao
Who is a child: An analysis on recent trends : NutakkiSateesh
Devolution of functions, functionaries and funds to Panchayat Raj Institutions-A perspective: ChikkamSatyanarayana
Emerging trends in Human Resource M. Janarthananpillai and J Anitta Malar Jose
India – Iran Bilateral Relations: V. Suresh and B. Krishnamurthy
Job Satisfaction among Secondary School Teachers: J. V. Rama Chandra Rao
Transform the political democracy into social democracy: DR. B.R. Ambedkar’s Constitution: S. Ambedkar Ashok
Cropping Pattern of Paddy in Andhra Pradesh: Ch.KalpaLatha
Physically challenged persons and their reservations : BonelaGanapathi and P.Arjun
An Analysis on School Education aspects of Puducherry: K.Prasad
Conservation of Biodiversity is need of the hour: Petikam.Sailaja
DesabhakthikekkinaPathakaMahondrodayam: PalliChinnaRao
Dynamism in organizational Structure and Human Resource Management: An analysis- M. Mani Sekhar
Political Interpretations of Trade Relations: New Reflections on King Devaraya II & His Economic Policy: Vidya. H.N
Climatic change in river Valley & Decay of Harappan cities: Lingaraju
Human Rights in Threat: The challenges of climate change on human rights- Chaitra. S .G
Linking Languages through Missions: The German Scholarship towards Indian Pedagogy: Ravi .N.C
Green Marketing and Green Growth as Path Way towards Ethiopian Green Economy: DerejeFekaduDeressa and Dr.B.V.PrasadaRao
Language for Communication: T.Abraham
An Assessment on images in the early Poems of Robert Frost: B. V. srinivasrao
Financial Assignments to Panchayat Raj Institutions in India- A Perspective : Dr. V.Govindu