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Volume 2 Issue 2(4) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Coaching Towards Success –Roles & Responsibilities Of A Coach –A Critical Appraisal- KiranRowth. S.
Marketing Towards Victory Mechanism Of Sports Marketing In India - Shobha. N
Pursuing Physical Fitness As A Profession - Challenges Of An Innovative Career- Jayachandra M.S
Venturing Realities- Challenges Of Adventure Sport- Promotion &Policy In India- Srinivasa .V.
Sports Physical Fitness Activity & It’s Educational Impact - Anjan B J
Sports Participation Of Women Need For An Inclusive Policy- Gayathramma G P
Need For Ethics In Sports –Championing Virtues- Ravi .D .S.
A Comparative Study Of Physical Fitness Among Urban & Rural Degree College Students :Time To Reconsider Sports Policy - Nagaraju B.S
Sports Culture –Role Of Augmenting Sport Participation- Chandrashekhar. K .
Preventing Sports Injuries –Need For Reconsideration Of Sports Policy- Praveen .M.
Supplementing For A Healthy Future, Nutrition Components For Sports Children- Naganna. M.S
Sports & Social Issues - Reflections on Roles & Responsibilities of Sportsman towards Society- Shobha S
Sports Journalism – Enhancing Value Through Reporting: Shivaraju. K
Sports Psychology- Motivating The Players Through Psychological Counseling- Mythri C.D
sports diplomacy & sportsmen as ambassadors of peace -negotiating towards sporting harmony - Vishwanathaiah S
Boosting Sports Tourism: Collateral Promotion Of Sporting Events- Krishnaiah .J
Entertainment Value Of Sports- Playing It For Profits: Prakash .B
Change Process In Sport –Need For A Sports Code : Anil Kumar. H K.