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Volume 2 Issue 2(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Assessment of Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction In Private Higher Education Institution: The Case Of Rift Valley University College Adama Main Campus- ChalaDiribaDaba
China’s growing Pace in Nepal a Threat to India: Nepal’s Policy Options between Principle and Pragmatism- DasarathiBhuiyan
Women Entrepreneurship in India- Problems and Prospects- R. Pardhasaradhi
Civil unrest and socio-political changes: changing role civil societies- Ashoka Kumar Patra
Impact of Human Resources in Modern era of Globalization- AmenaKhatoon
Women’s participation in decision making: A scenario of Pondicherry- K.Prasad
OCB and its role in creating social capital in an organization- Ch. Srinivas, G. Samuel Mores and Gandham Sri Rama
Test Anxiety and Academic Achievement In Mathematics of Adolescent Students Jampa Venkata Rama Chandra Rao
Values in education :Indian perspective- NeelimaMandava
Visionary Swamy Vivekananda & His Visions on Society & Education - Chaitra. S .G
Performance of Prime Minister RozgarYojana in Telangana State: A Study- Deva Srinivas and K. Ravinder Reddy
Gauging The Liability In Criminal Attempt- AparajitaDutta
Determinants of farmers’ suicides in Andhra Pradesh – an analysis : IlaiahMacharla
Good Governance: Accountable Mechanism : P.VenkataSubbarao and C.S.Rao
Challenges and Opportunities of small farmers in India: A.Jagadeeshbabu
Growth of India’s trade with individual SAARC Countries- K.Maheswararao
A case study on the Channels of child labour- K.Venkatesulu
An overview on the major employment schemes during pre and post reforms period in India: M. Arun Kumar
Trends in Employment status of Women in India - M.Vinitha
Mitigation of Voltage Complication by a Novel Control Algorithm Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer - K.Ashokkumar and A. Sitaram
Representation of Women in Politics – A Case Study of YSR Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh- P.Hari Prasad
A Wonderful Detective Writer- Agatha Christie P. Y. Krupavaram
Symbolism in Robert Frost Poems N.Raju
Teaching English vocabulary in degree colleges in Telangana: A critical study Surya Rao Bammidi
Sub-Regional Politics and Regional Political Parties Madan Mohan Bhuyan