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Volume 1 Issue 1 Articles List

Name Author(s)
An  Overview on the Tribal Development Policy  in India Prof.MSundaraRao,Dr.P.Ramu
Employees’ Satisfaction on the Job Performance: A Case Study of National Bank of Ethiopia Dr B.V PrasadaRao, ShewayirgaAssalf and  Wako GedaObse
Performance of Small Scale Industries in India Prof. T. Uma MaheswaraRao and G.KavithaKiran
Dynamic Issues in Human Resource Development in India- An Analysis Dr. D. Satyanarayana
The Impact of Marketing Mix on Customer Satisfaction-A Case of MOHA Soft Drinks Industry S.C, Hawassa Millennium Plant DerejeAlelign, Dr. B.V.PrasadaRao and Wako. Gedaobse
Career Planning and Development of Tribal Employees -With reference to Visakha Agency Andhra Pradesh K.V.RamanaMurty
Impact of Market Segmentation Practices on the Profitability of SMSEs in Hawassa City: A Case Study HailemariamGebremichael, YitbarekSeyoum,Dr.B.V.PrasadaRao
Environmental Ethics: A Philosophical Analysis Dr.K.VictorBabu
Innovative Approaches in International Relations: Promotion of Economic Diplomacy as an Instrument of Economic Development-An Analysis Dr. Vidya .H.N
Fertility pattern of Tribal women of Srikakulam District, AP, K.Appannababu
Economic and Social Viability of Women under Self Help Groups Scheme- A Case Study of Srikakulam District. Dr. M. Ramesh
The Evaluation and Performance of Life Insurance Schemes in India Dr. A.Jagadeeshbabu
Human Rights Education – Need of the Hour GundaVedasri
Technology in non-violence Culture: Gandhian Philosophy & Strategy Dr.M.Ramesh and V.MallikarjunaRao
Micro Finance through SHGs towards Empowerment of Tribal women-A study of Chintapalli   Mandal in Visakhapatnam Dt Dr.V.Paradesi Naidu
Determinants and Indices of Human Development in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh
Dr. D.Thirupathaiah
Mark Cubbon’s Initial Endeavors at modernizing Mysore and administrative Strategies Dr. Putturaju.K
Reflections on Defense Structures in South India – The Historicity of   Fort of Srirangapattana through the Ages Linga Rau
Failure behind Success-An Analytical view of Leadership &Training Programmes Nandan.P
A Time Bound Strategy for Eliminate the Rural Poverty in India Dr.T.V. Ramana