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Volume 4 Issue 11(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Confucianism and Taoism Embodied in the Patterns on the Sachets of Qingyang, China Xiao Han
Determination of design discharge and environmental flow in Micro hydropower plants based on Flow duration curve in small rivers: A case study of Hhaynu river - Mbulu, Tanzania Daniel H. Ngoma, Yaodong Wang and Tony Roskilly
Balance improvement in basketball players after Prathiba.Satyala, rathiba.Satyala and Saravana Kumar
Comparison of Different Methods used to Prepare Liposomes-A Review Muhammad Razi Ullah Khan
Review on challenges and opportunities of beef cattle production and marketing in Ethiopia Senayt Abraha and Nega Mekonnen
Major-General Thomas Anson, Haryana and the Revolt of 1857 Karan Singh
Psychometric Testing - The Future of Successful Hiring G.Devi Manikeswari and Ch.Seetharam
Impact of Goods & Services Tax on Faith Tourism in Tirupati M.Neeraja
GST- Changing Centre State Financial Relations in India P. V. Mahesh Varma
Alternative Energy Resources K. Kavitha
Employee Motivational Skills in TSRTC – A Case Study of Warangal P.Yaka Swamy
Demonetization and its Impact on Agriculture J. Rama Rao,
The Process of Globalization and the Impact on Indian Exports Pashikanti Omkar
Rabindranath Tagore as a humanist Podalapalli Babu and Shodavaram Swarnalatha
Nalluri Venkatrayudi Gari "Raithu Bharatam--Grameena jeevana Chitrana Gunda Sai Kiran
Academic Achievement among Adolescent Students J.V. Rama Chandra Rao
A study on victimization of women in criminal offences in India Kunja Rukmini
A study on international trade rules and organization Nagender Yarakali
Charitralo vaayidyalu Megavatth Prameela
Janapadula Sahityamlo Ganapathi Prardanalu Mamidi lingayya