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Volume 3 Issue 9(4) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Risk factors for ADHD in 6-9 year old children Tiana Rodrigues,Vibha Hasija and Amit Kulkarni
Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) of diabetic patients and dietitians regarding natural anti diabetic agents Mandalika Subhadra and Neethi Kumar
Mental Health of rural Adolescents A.Lakshmi Prakash
Holistic Medicinal Approaches and its Need: Padmavathi Devarapalli
Effect of Plyometric Training and weight Training on Selected Speed and Stride Length of Basket Ball Players D.V.Ramana and R.V.L.N.Ratnakara Rao
Heath: You are what you eat K.Rani
Effectiveness of Probiotics on Human Health-An Overview Dr.C.Madhavi, Department of Microbiology, Govt. Degree College for Men, Kurnool
Effect of Plyometric Training on Selected Motor Fitness Variables among Intercollegiate Handball Players S.Saraboji, N.Ravi and V.Ramesh Naidu
Wellness Vs Personality N Sreenivas, P Anil Kumar and U. Satyanarayana
Analysis on the effect of brisk walk on the blood pressure and body fat A.Vijaya Kumar and M.Ravinder Rao
The Efficacy of the Waterford Back Care Programme for Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain Prathiba Satyala
Holistic approach in health and wellness- “sports nutrition health and hygiene S.V.V.L.G. Varma and P. Chinnappa Reddy
Health Conditions of Yanadi Tribal Children in Andhra Pradesh: B. Vijayasree and D. Sarada
Assessment of Nutritional Status of School going Children (7-9 years) of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh G.Anitha
Studies on aflatoxin contamination in copra and post-harvest management of copra quality K.Aruna, B.Srinivasulu, D.Lavanya
The Effect of Anaerobic exercise on BMI of Adosented young Girls G.Pramila Rani and BV Narasimha Raju
Influence of Age, Income, Gender, Marital and Job Status on Happiness Bilquis
Stress and Holistic Health M. Suvarchala
Effect of specific training on selected physical fitness variables among college level women volleyball players Karra. Aruna Sujatha and Shaik. Meeravali
Combined effects of recreational games with yogic practice on selected fundamental motor skills of school students Shaik. Meeravali and M.Srinivasan
A Review on Quest for Wellness Management – A Life Style Approach to Health K. Anitha Kumari
Impact of dietary habits, life style variables on body weight and blood pressure of working women V.Ananthalakshmi & K.Lavanya
Effect of nutritional Intervention on hemoglobin levels and diet pattern of adolescents involved in agricultural and allied activities Arunjyothi R, Uma Maheswari K and Prasanna Kumar R.S.
Dark Chocolate: A Boost for Athletes’ Performance – Review Y.Kalyan Kumar, K.Sunil Kumar and A.Kaleemulla
Comparative Study on Cardiovascular Efficiency among the Corporate Degree College And Government Degree College Women At West Godavari T.Kalyani and B.Sunil Kumar
Association Between BMI and Blood Pressure of Adolescents from Mumbai City Anuradha Mitra and Subhadra Mandalika
Studies on the Glycemic Response and Glycemic Index of Gum Karaya (Sterculiaurens) Incorporated Biscuits Ch. Naga Durga, K.V.N. Swetha, Angela E. Peter, M. Rajeswari, and B. V. Sandeep
Impact of intervention on knowledge, attitude and practices in food consumption pattern of rural adolescent girls T.Kamalaja, M.Prashanthi and K.Uma Maheswari
Biofortification –A Promising Strategy for Nutritional Security Dr.G. Padmini Devi
Holistic Health through Physical Fitness: Ergonomic Interventions Dr. V. Prasuna and T. Neeraja
Impact of Mindfulness Training on Psychological Well Being Sivvala Radhika and V. Kavitha Kiran
Extraction and characterization of oil from Bauhinia Vahli (Adda) Seeds Janaki P, Rajeswari M, Tirumala Devi Y and Sandeep BV
Sathamaanam Bhavathi D.K.Gayitrhi
Usage of Technology among Preschool Children and Parents Perceptions towards Their Health and Wellbeing ASL Sowmya and Dr.E.Manjuvani
Dietary calcium consumption of women (15-30years) Residing in the city of Mumbai: Supriya Colaco, M. Subhadra and Ashok Bahekar
Psychological Well Being Primary School Teachers in Hyderabad Sirla Swarnalatha