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Volume 3 Issue 8(2) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Incivility among Female Students in Higher Education Rabia S. Allari, Ghadeer Muafa, Hanadi AlSayegh, Sara Alghumaiz, Wafa Alanzi
Study on the insight from the Jewellery Retailer: with focus on the Gujarat Region Mehal Y. Pandya
Social Maturity of Hearing Impaired Adolescent Students In Relation to Gender And Locality N. Sakuntala
Environment and noise Pollution Sairam Patro
Some observable changes of Coronary arteries seen in Human Cadavers- Student point of view Ravishankar MV, Virupaxi RD, Humbarwadi RS
New Historicism in Thomas Keneally’s Shame and the Captives N. Vineela and G. Chenna Reddy
Secularism: A necessary adhesive B.V.V. Bala Krishna
Status of financial inclusion in India N. Srinivas Patnaik
Curriculum Design and Development in Higher Education Dr.L Malleswara Rao, ARS Kumar, APV Appa Rao, J Rama Mohan, P Ramakrishna Rao, Ch. Kanaka Rao & Ch. Sundar Singh
Historical analysis on Women freedom fighters of India Yerrapragada Sita Maha Lakhmi
Elementary Schooling in Uttar Pradesh: An Analysis Girish Chandra Tewari
Current Health Status of Tribes in West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh P. Aruna
A Study of the status of Physical Resources in KGBV of Bijnor District (UP): Manorma and Sunita Godiyal
Service quality and customer satisfaction: a study of public banking sector K. Srinivas
Cultivation: as the Actual Manual form of Labour and its evolution in different societies Sheena Krishnan Ulamparambath
Comparative Analysis of MCX COMDEX Index to DHAANYA Index K.Kanaka Raju and K.Lakshmana Rao
Institutional Financing for MSMEs in Odisha: Key Issues Debabrata Mishra, Sudhansu K.Das and Santosh K. Das
Harmonizing Development Vs Environment Conflict P.Dinesh Kumar and S.Siddhi
A Study on Domestic Violence In India B.Rajesh
Teaching Aptitude and Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers P.V.V.Satyanarayana
Kanumarugavuthunna Durgam-Kethavaram Katteboyina Venkateswarlu
Protection of Traditional Knowledge under Indian Patent Regime S.K. Mohapatra and Karan Jethi