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Volume 3 Issue 7(4) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Trends of relative price of DAP Fertilizer and Cereal Crops (Teff and Maize) in Ethiopia Gebrie Tsegaye Mersha and N.Sreedhara Naidu
Struggle for Individual Identity in Adiga’s The White Tiger Ambedkar Bodigadla and Apsara Stanley
A Study on optimal portfolio construction-SI Model Niveditha M.U
Smart Cities - Future Perspectives: A Review P.Venkata Subba Rao and V.Ramarao
Indian E-Retail Industry and Its High Growth Drivers Gouri Sankar Lall Santanu Kumar Das
The Importance of Counsellor In Shaping The Learners A.Satyaswaroop
Political economy of an Indian state of Odisha Dasarathi Bhuiyan
An Analysis Food Security in India Shilpa Sree. R
The Role of the Social Worker with Older Persons K.Sridevi
Strategies towards improving employability among youth – new avenues B.Satyanarayana
Accession of Cognitive reading and Classroom reality Vijayalakshmi Sam
Implementation of Rural Housing Programmes with Special Reference to IAY– A Study V.Murali and V.Naveen
Ravindranath Tagore - A study: A. Satya Swaroop
Generation Y’s Spending, Consumption and Saving habits Jehangir Bharucha
Present status of folklore in the hand of the working women living in contemporary urban society of Assam: a sample survey Pallavi Bora Saikia
Steps to Improve the Degree of Work-Life Balance – A Study on the Initiations taken By the Corporate Babu Bandekar and B Murali Krishna
Problems of secondary school teachers towards teaching mathematics Dalli Prabhakar Rao and Jampa Venkata Rama Chandra Rao
Identity crisis in the novels of Amitav ghosh and orhan pamuk P.Chandra Shekar
The role of collocations in second language acquisition E.Brijesh
Kalam as people’s President G. Sunil Kumar
Antifungal screening of alkaloids, flavonoids & steroids of different parts of Nerium oleander Linn Meenakshi Fartyal
Diverse Political Aspiration of Kukis; the sarcastic trend for politics of Identity in Manipur Ch.Rupachandra Singh