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Volume 3 Issue 6(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
The effect of religious expenditures on the Money demand of Iran Parisa Mohamadi and Kambiz Hozhbar Kiani
Study of Media Consumption popular movie satellite channels (female audience) Ali Rahmani-Firozjah
An Empirical Investigation of Stock Market Reaction to the Announcement of Equity Offerings: The Egyptian Stock Exchange Evidence Kholoud Abdel Karim Mahmoud
Identifying Effective Factors on Creating Sustainable Relationships between Domestic Producer and Foreign Distributer in Marketing Hamid Reza Heydar, Alireza Fakhar, Homa Meftahi and Fatemeh Aminnaseri
The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Quality: A Case of Egypt Hala Abd-Elnaby Abd-ElFattah and Nesma Ahmed Elshayeb
The Alignment of Lean Manufacturing Strategy with Management Accounting Controls: The Case of Egypt Mohamed Sabry El Attar and Nancy Mohamed Mahmoud
Ragging: A Variegated Phenomenon Rita Chowdhury
Gandhian thought on Management of Newspapers Nalla Sushma
Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Management: Theory and practice K. Satyanayana
Understanding disability from South Indian Perspective and issues: A Case of Karnataka B M Kumara
The state and status of physical education in Kupwara District – An over View Farooz Ahmad
Financial Inclusion through Micro Credit: Towards an Effective SHG Linkage K. Balasubramanyam
Attitude of Science Teachers towards Project Method M.Gopala Krishna
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme – An Assessment Uddagatti Venkatesha
Protection of Women from Domestic Violence in India:Issues & Challenges: A Critical Study S.D. Moharana
Education for all- right to education ACT,2010 Prakash Kumar. C
An analysis on child marriages in India Ch. Padmavathi
Go Green with Paris Accord: A Critical Study S.D. Moharana
Digital India: Our Dare to Try Prabhjot Kaur
The impact of globalisation and farmers’ suicides: A study on Kubeer Mandal, District, Adilabad G.N.Subba Rao
Book review: Demand- Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It: by Adrian Slywotzky & Karl Weber Prabhjot Kaur
Women Empowerment towards inclusive growth through Education A V S Prasanna
Value-Based Teacher Education K. Satya Vani
The State of Philosophical Studies in India Gandla Srinivas
Gandhi and Ambedkar - Human Development Politics and Religion Lt. C.Neeraja
R K Narayan’s The Guide A.Satya Swaroop