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Volume 3 Issue 5(3) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Elementary physical education in India - new challenges in the digital world Anjan Kumar. B.J
Sports brands & sports organization management in India – new digital challenges Kiran Rowth. S
Changes process in sports and physical Education & management -Power of partnerships - promotion of sports through partnerships Anil Kumar. H.K
Sports Sponsorships in track & field events in India – Growing Challenges Chandra shekara. K
Managing competitive school program through building a winning team-the role of team work in competitive school programs Srinivasa. V
Management of Sport nutrition in Physical education classes –mental development of higher secondary school students in India Sajjad Husain, Ali Ghufran and D.S. Chaubey
Competency development in sports and physical education management prevention of Alcohol usage in Sports-new challenges Sathish B P
Athletics administration & meeting the challenges of health – The case of rural Indian athletes Subramani. N
Protein deficiency , physical activity research and interventions with older adult’s perspectives and issues Girija.S
Fluid & hydration level maintenance in athletes - New perspectives Prakash.B
Common Wealth Games & Impact On Sponsorship Awareness in India Hanumanthrayapa. A
The application of Mobile technology for sports promotion - the expanding global trends Praveen. M.
Sports & Sports Sponsorships in digital media – Growing Challenges Newton. K
The coaching science - the art of making careers in sports in India Lokesha.K R
The Digital stadium – challenges of digitalization of sport sector in India Bhaskar.P
Player tracking technology possibilities & challenges – the digital support to enhance performances Prakash Kumar. C
Sports marketing in India – prospects & challenges Vishwanathaiah
Promotion of sports nutrition in rural India - challenges & prospective planning strategies Umesh