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Volume 3 Issue 5(2) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Comparison of in-Service Science Teachers’ and Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Opinions for the Fifth Grade Science Textbooks in Primary Schools Yunus Karakuyu
Status of Mechanization Power in Indian Agricultural Sector N. R.Venkata Ramana Reddy
An Analytic Reading of Hunting Group Motifs in the Safavid Carpet with an Emphasis on Value Systems (Case Study: Hunting Ground Carpet preserved in Miho Museum, Kyoto) Iman Zekaryaei Kermani, Atefeh Dineli
Equality In Between Iterative Soft Erosion and Iterative Soft Close in Multi Scale Environment Kompella Venkata Ramana
Impact of Advertisements Children and Youth Media on Consumer Behavior Nathala Manikyarao
Social Media Marketing and Customers Retention: A Study on Selected retail Store in Lucknow Sajjad Husain, Ali Ghufran and D.S. Chaubey
Isolation and characterization of bacteria from oil filling stations at kakinada ,India G. Raj Kumar, D.E. Babu and M. Ratna Raju
Prevalence of Iron Intake and Dietary Practices among Adolescent girls- A School based Study in Kozhikode District of Kerala Bini. M, T.K. Vimala Kumary and Mercy Xavier
An Overview of Indian Women Novelists Writing in English Rajpal Kaur
Strategies towards Access, Accord & Amplification - The Higher Education Enrollment in India Vidya. H.N
Innovative Human Resource Practices and Related Issues: A Literature Review M. Sudheer Kumar, S.MD. Azash and K.Rama Krishna
Study of Noodle Debacle in India Prabhjot Kaur
Technical Efficiency of Banks in India-A study measuring efficiency of select public sector and private sector banks using DEA” M. Sravani
Education in South India: An analysis B.A. Srinivasa
Preparing to teach Mathematics with Technology of Secondary School Students M. Aparna Lakshmi and Prof. Ch.Vijayalakshmi
Micro - Finance to Women Self Help Groups P.Sudhakar
Efficacy of MSMEs in Andhra Pradesh Chiruvoori Ravi Varma
Magic Realism an endeavor to exceed the restrain of Realism: A study of Midnight’s Children a select novel by Salman Rushdie Abhibunnisha Begum
urdu article Mohd Farooq Ali
Factors contributing to the empowerment of women lace makers-A Case Study D.M.Neeraja,