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Volume 3 Issue 5(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
A Study on Job satisfaction of Expatriates Teachers in G.C.C.countries with special focus on Kingdom of Bahrain R. Satya Pavan Kumar
An Indian View of Corporate Governance Santanu Kumar Das
Life insurance policies in rural area of Orissa understanding buyer behavior Yajnya Dutta Nayak
Juvenile justice—an analytical study relating to offence factor in delinquency behaviour M. Sanjeeva Rao
Implication and Identification of performance among the Employee:A Study of Hospitality Industry in Uttarakhand Yashpal Negi
Management of agriculture in Andhra Pradesh: A study on Visakhapatnam District Nalla Sushma
Effect of Socioeconomic status on Felt Needs among completely edentulous patients regarding conventional complete dentures Monika Saini, MS, Yashpal Singh, YS and Suraj Suvarna, SS
The Review of Recent Challenges in Information Technology Management A.Jagadeesh babu
Risk Management and Investment Decision Making G. Venkata Rama Krishna Rao, M. Satyavathi and JaladiRavi
Geospatial techniques and pumping tests for Delineation of Groundwater Potential Zones of Pedda Kedari Reserve Forest of Srikakulam District, A.P, India Ch Kannam Naidu and E. Amminedu
Health and Microfinance M. Sravani
The new ways of Looking at Diaspora: Jhumpa Lahiri’s’ “Unaccustomed Earth” D.Uma
Critical Analysis of Balwadi Programme A.Subhashini
The Theme of Self-Discovery in Rama Mehta’s Inside the Haveli G. Ranga Rao
Multilateral Cooperation Global Scenario Self Help Group: An analysis B. Raveendra Naik
Performance Appraisal System of College Teachers in India M.Samanth Reddy
Recent trends of the Banking Industry in India P. Demudubabu
Impact of Electronic Banking on Banking Services G. Venkata Rama Krishna Rao, T. Suguna and Jaladi Ravi
Policy initiatives towards efficacy of MSMEs in Andhra Pradesh Chiruvoori Ravi Varma
Boom Time for Radio in India Prabhjot Kaur