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Volume 3 Issue 4(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Importance of Postsecondary Precollege Mathematics Courses- A Case Study of Prince Sultan University Heba Bakr Khoshaim & Tasneem Ali
Relationship Between Administrators’ Visionary Leadership and Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Turkey Anıl Kadir Eranıl & Alpay Ersozlu
The impact of gender difference on agricultural productivity in the case of Bambasi woreda in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Ethiopia Tsegazeab Gebremariam Yihdego
Imperial geopolitics in Africa: imperial geopolitical perspective behind the scramble and petition of Africa Malang B.S. Bojang
Rights of senior citizen in India Prativa Panda
Significance of the cell membrane study; materialistic approach, mechanical behaviour and the future of its research D.Mahija and P.Hima Bindu
Digital Privacy and Human Rights Protection in Cyber Space Md.Sameera and I.S.chakrapani
Importance of LSRW in Real Life K. Satish Kumar
Quality Higher Education in the era of Globalisation : Need for Reforms Mohammed Waaiz and G.N.Jagan
How to Transform India into a Global Education Hub Surya Rao Bammidi
Characterization and study of Electrical properties of Lanthanum doped Bismuth Layered Ferroelectrics La0.1Bi3.9 Ti3O12 and La0.5Bi3.5 Ti3O12 K.Subba Rao, Dr.P.Sarah and D.Anji Reddy
The evolution of Direct and Indirect Speech In George Bernard Shaws plays and its impact in English literature. T Eswar Rao
Naama vignana adyayanam-Jarigina krishi Akkinapalli Venkataram Reddy
Empirical study on policyholder’s opinion towards reason of taking non-Life Insurance Policy C. Sankar
Mahatma Gandhi Views on Philosophy of Education Veerabhadra Alladi
Education for Tribal Women empowerment and their literacy Status in Andhra Pradesh B.Prabhakara Rao
An Empirical approach to measure the significance Strategic Marketing Planning among SMEs Chaitra S Hiremath
Domestic Violence in India- Urban-Rural Dichotomy Dharmendra Behera
A Study on Faculty Retention: With reference to Private Degree Colleges in Visakhapatnam K.Vidyasagar & N.Kishore Babu
An overview on pre-requisites of cross cultural corporate communication practices in multinational corporations: M. Supremakar
Twenty five suggestions for improving the quality of Higher Education in India P.Nagendra