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Volume 3 Issue 3(2) Articles List

Name Author(s)
EPS and Financial Performance Relationship - Analysis of Selected Banks in Oman Lenin Kumar Nooney & Bakhtawar Durrani
Customers’ Preferences towards Retail Banking Services in Ganjam District Yajnya Dutta Nayak
E-Governance: A Perspective in Health Domain Leena Kar
The perceived impact of downsizing on Survivors: An Empirical Study D.S. Chaubey
The customer satisfaction towards Himalaya skin care products B.Charwak
Study on Awareness of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS among Housewives of Urban Slums,Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Mercy Xavier, T.K.Vimalakumary and Bini.M
Alarming Child Sex Ratio in Andhra Pradesh: District wise Analysis Usha Padmini Voleti
Folklore in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart B.P.Jyothi
Legal provisions on the child rights to education and Human rights A. Guravaiah
A study relating to the fundamental rights as the constitutional context of human rights G.Padmaja
A study on the role of Saints’ in the fundamental battle for Justice and Human Rights Dayana Sajjanan
Honour killing & judicial response - A need for comprehensive legislation in India S.A.K. Azad
Influence of Attitude towards Geometry on Achievement in: Geometry among the IX Class Pupil - A Study K. Kavitha
Concept of Citizenship- An Analytical Study C.S.Chakravarthy
Concept of industrial democracy and workers’ participation in management- An analytical study Eslavath Raju
Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India and its Impact on Indian Economy Angad Singh Maravir
Customer Relationship Management in Telecom Sector- A Study of Bharti Airtel Limited B.Vanaja Ratnam
Samajada Visasa dalli Srinivasa Rao S
Conceptual frome work on Tourism J. Ratna Prabhakar
Leveraging growth finance for sustainable development of SMEs in Andhra Pradesh N.Sinivas Patnaik
jagadguru srivirra simhasana Srinivasa Rao. S
Portrait of women characters in Shakespearean famous tragedies M. Soma Raju
Academic Development of Higher Education in India L.Malleswara Rao, ARS.Kumar, J.Rama Mohan, A.P.V.Appa Rao and P.Ramakrishna Rao
A Review on Characterisation of Muslims In Hindi Cinema Mohd farooq ali
Counterparts-Counter Hearts: A Study of Women Characters in Bhisham Sahni’s “TAMAS” B.Suchitra Singh
India’s freedom struggle echoes in Raja Rao’s Novel Kanthapura Aurangzeb Ansari