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Volume 3 Issue 3(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Evaluation and ranking of urban areas in terms of social capital GHolam Reza keykhaei,drMasome Hafiz Zadeh, and drGHolam Reza miri
Evaluation of perception of shade matching by dentists of different specialities and comparison of perception of shade between picture and in-real Dr.Juzer Shabbir Saifee1, Dr.Fazal-ur-Rehman Qazi, Dr.Shahbaz Ahmed Jutt
Frequency of Class II Cavities in Molars Requiring Root Canal Treatment in Pakistani Population Dr Huma Sarwar,Dr Fazal –ur-Rehman Qazi,Dr Shahbaz Ahmed,Mr. Abdur Rasheed and Dr Mashal Muhammad Naeem
Comparative Effect of Sign language Instruction and Oralism on Learning Selected Parts of Speech among Students with Hearing Impairment at College Level V.B. Kirankumar and D.M. Rajan
Green Marketing Initiatives by Indian Corporate Sector –A Study of ITC N.Sangeetha
Gandhian Strategy for Rural Reconstruction: Some Perspectives for Modern Management Students Pechetty V Purnakumari
A Study of the Characteristic of Effective Leadership Behaviour of the Secondary School Head Masters in Telangana State Ramdas Banoth
Role of reading habits for the academic achievement of High School Education A. V. S. Prasanna
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Thoughts on Just Representation of the Dalits in Colonial India S.R. Seelam
Reasons for non-Performing Assets in Agriculture Finance with Reference to Public Sector Banks T. Umamaheswararao and P.Venkateswara Rao
Green banking in India: An innovative initiative for sustainable development Shailendra Yadav and B. Kasi Viswanadhamb
Cooperative performance analysis of select private and foreign banks in India Shamanth N and Mahesh Rajgopal
Chemical Speciation of Binary Complexes of Ca(II), Mg(II) and Zn(II) with phenylalanine in ethylene glycol-water mixture T. Sreevaram, N. Vijaya Kumar and B.B.V. Sailaja
pH-metric Evaluation of Stability of Ternary Complexes of Aspartic acid and Ethylenediamine in Aqueous Dioxan medium Chandra leela, N. Vijaya Kumar and G. Nageswara Rao
Studies on the Impact of Thermal Ash on the Productivity of Algae (Myxophyceae): Nostoc Punctiformae Sugnanam Sai Durga Prasad, Kunjam. Mallikarjuna and Nethala Vijaya Kumar
Biomedical and Biological Applications of Scanning Electron Microscopy T.S. Rajendra Kumar
Assay of Cefetamet Pivoxil Hydrochloride in bulk and dosage forms by Visible Spectrophotometric methods V. Naga Lakshmi, G. Jyothi and C.Rambabau
Spectroscopic studies on MnO doped LiI–AgI–B2O3 glasses K.Sreelatha, K.Showrilu and C.A.Jyothirmayee
Combating with the Corruption in India A. Guravaiah
Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Particles Using Spectroscopy K.V. Krishna Murthy
An over view on the role of a teacher M. Soma Raju
Retailing-A Conceptual Framework Dr.M.Sudheer Kumar, Mr.K.Rama Krishna and Y.Loknath
Employee Motivation - An Empirical Study on Selected Public and Private Sector Banks Dr.D.Christopher Amrutham, Prof.K.Rama Krishnaiah