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Volume 3 Issue 2(4) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Improving Financial Reporting in Egyptian Universities: A Case Study Osama Mohamed Zaki, Bassant Badreddin, and Menna Mortada Mahfouz
A Model of Heutagogy Training to Promote Learning Facilitators’ Competency in Developing Non-formal Education Programs M. Djauzi Moedzakir and Endang Sri Rejeki
A Strategic Step towards Women Empowerment D. G Hanumanthappa
Commodities Derivatives Market In India- Growth and prospects B. Ashok
Impact of Personal Factors on Consumers’ Online Shopping Behaviour - A Study CVVD Sreekanth and T. Uma Maheswara Rao
Strategies for Coping Academic Stress Ch. Hema
An exploration in psychosocial maturity and conflict resolution management of adolescents in Kerala Fathima jaseena M.P.M
Observation home inmates and their social Characteristics B. Raveendra Naik
A study on health insurance and its impact on The operations of hospitals N.R.Mohan Prakash and K.V.Nagaraj
Dalit Feminism in Telugu Literature A Study of Challapalli Swaroopa Rani’s Poetry G.Sheela Swarupa Rani
An overview on Bio-Forecast Gangadhara Rao Irlapati
A New Hypothetical Model of Cosmology Gangadhara Rao Irlapati
G.R.Irlapati’s Geoscope Gangadhara Rao Irlapati
Study of Home and Family Environment on Psychological Stress among Science Students Narendra Kumar
Study of Home Environment in Relation to Under-Achievement of Higher Secondary Students Neeti Naveen
Factors Affecting Learners’ Oral Communication and Coping Strategies Shiny K.P.
Cost Analysis of Proposed Photovoltaic based Power system model using Homer software Er. Gunjeetpal Singh, Er Sonia Grover and Er Daljeet Kaur
Legal Education in India Needs a New Shape S.D. Moharana
Buddhism and World Peace Ch. Vijaya Kumar
Immoral trafficking in women Prativa Panda
New Reflections on Kannada Historiography of Tour Literature - With Special Reference To Vijayanagara Period Vidya. H. N.
Chandamaama patrika-Vaisistyam M.Giribabu