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Volume 3 Issue 2(3) Articles List

Name Author(s)
The Winning Leap -prospective career opportunities for dietician in sports Sector Srinivasa V
Indian sports organizations & sports marketing strategies – future trends Kiran Rowth S
Survival mechanisms of communication - regional language in global era Manjunatha. S
Prospective growth trends of medical tourism in India –Key challenges towards policy interventions Shekhara H.R
Renewable energy sources & Impact on economy - Future energy Trends in India Prasad. S. P
Physical activity, Women :Empowerment & sporting activities- meeting the global needs Krishnaiah. J
Making India literate - promotion of literacy movement through library Vijayalakshmi Kumbar
FM Radio broadcasting services in India & the threat of losing local language culture Mahadeva M.S
Museum Management & challenges of research – time for a multidisciplinary approach Sridevi S. Kadiwal
Health insurance sector - Challenges & Prospective growth trends –role of government Dane Gowda
Sourcing towards sustainability - out sourcing sector trends in India & Impact on economy S.R. Hanumantharaya
Weaving towards economic sustainability –future growth trends of Indian textile industry Roopa M.N
Conservation needs demands & opportunities – prospective growth in global era Sunanda B.
The Roads of progress – Indian road transport problems, challenges & prospective trends Nagabhushana T.G
Restructuring Higher education sector – meeting the global standards Masood Ahamed K.H
Promotion of Sports in global era -Entrepreneurship - Towards A New Game Plan Purushothama K.M
Mental health issues of urban Indians – need for restructuring physical education in urban India Umesh S.
Integrated strategies towards technology teaching approach – prospective trends in Indian teaching mechanisms Rekha Mathew
A journey towards sustainability – Indian tourism sector – prospective contribution to Indian economy Vani .V
Marketing research in India -managing markets in global trends Lakshmana Gowda B.H
Indian youth & internet impact trends in India Manjunatha S
Managing net neutrality in India - Challenges Ahead Vijaya kumar