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Volume 3 Issue 2(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Promoting excellence in higher education: Some reflections R. Satya Raju and Ch. Srinivas
Moving towards Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in Higher Education G.V.Chalam and N Chinta Rao
NAAC and Beyond: The ‘Politics’ of Excellence in Indian Higher Education Context Ch. A.Rajendra Prasad
Ideal and best Practices in Higher Education for Promoting Excellence in Higher Education B. Jagan Mohan Reddy
Comparative Choice-Based Credit System in India and Vietnam:Best Practices and Limitations of Education & Teacher Education R.S.S.Nehru
Challenges of Social Science Research in India B.V.V Balakrishna
Higher Educational Status of tribes in India K.V.Ramana Murty
Implementing Quality in Higher Education in India K V C S Appa Rao and A R S Kumar
Promoting Excellence in Higher Education-Issues and Challenges P.Gangadhararao, B.Venkata Ratnam and P.Manasa
Present and Future Trends in India’s Higher Education A.R.S. Kumar, L Malleswara Rao, Ch.Kanaka Rao and Ch. Sundar Singh
Qualitative Methods in Research in Teaching S B. Ronald, P S N H, Ramachandra Rao, B. Ananda Kumar and GSVS Sai Baba
A rap on the Lop-Sided Policies of Higher Education in India K. Sushil Paul
Research and Academic Development in India Kumara Nageswara Rao
Role of e-Governance to strengthen Higher Education System in India D.Venkateswara Rao and K.S.V.Ranga Rao
Promoting Excellence in Higher Education R. Pardhasaradhi, G.Grace and R.V. Lakshmi Devi
Ethics and Professionalism in Teaching and Evaluation in Higher Education I. Annapurna
Promoting Excellence in Higher Education-Issues and Challenges M.A. Aleem, K. Satish Kumar and M.Hari Prasad
E-Learning Improves Quality in Higher Education K.Venkata Lakshmi and K.Ratnasudha
Value Education for Quality Enhancement: K. Ravi and M. Sandra Carmel Sophia
An Integrated Approach to the Assessment of Excellence in Higher Educational Institutions D.Vijaya Lakshmi and B. P. Naidu
Top- Notch Higher Education Institutions – Challenges and Opportunities V.SaiKiranmayi, V.V.S.Naidu, T. Madhu and S. Ramesh Babu
Research and Academic Development Venkatapati charankumar and Meesala Suribabu
Teaching Aids- An Effective Tool to Quality Education S.Harshini and V.Venkata Rao
Promotion of quality in higher eructation in Indian context M.Lakshmipathi and T.K.Malleswari
A Research Plan for the Development of Undergraduate Education Pavan Kumar Nowbattula, Venkata Suresh Tumma and Tulasi Nimmala
Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions Boda Srinivasa Rao
Role of Collegiate education in enhancing the Quality of Govt.Degree Colleges S.Vighneswara Rao
Promoting excellence in higher education-Issues and challenges P.Rama Krishnam Raju, M.V.Ragupathi Raju and K.G.Krishnam Raju
Assessment and Accreditation of HEIs P. S. N. Raju
Promoting Excellence in Higher Education in India B.SanthaRaju
Social Media in Academic Research and Development V. Rama Devi, Mylabattula. Sundh and Sodadasi Vineela Evan
Emerging issues and challenges in higher education A.VeeraKumari and M.Subba Rao
Challenges of Higher Educational Institutions D.Vijaya Lakshmi and T.V. Lakshmana Rao
Assessment of Higher Education: A Brief Study on the Assessment Process in Engineering Colleges Aruna Kumari Kanuri, Mounika Arimilli and William Kery Kokkirigadda
Quality Assurance in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation: Challenges, Strategies and Best practices B.V.R. Naidu and M.V. Prasanthi
Globalization and Indian Higher Education - Structure, Statistics: Issues and Challenges Alluri Venkata Nagavarma, J.S. Prabhakararao, MLN Raju and M. Venkateswara Rao