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Volume 3 Issue 12(5) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Using Financial Statements Data and Stock Market Return to Predict Real Economic Activity Mohamed Hassan Abd-ElAzzem,Hala Abd-Elnaby Abd-ElFattah and Heba Hazem Elsherif
Corporate governance contribution in gaining and retaining intellectual capital leading as a mediator to enhance financial performance- An empirical study Mohamed Hassan Abdel-Azim and Hanan Adel Abdel Aziz El Gamal
Rapid Detection of Panton-Valentine leukocidin (PVL) Gene from Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates Samia A. Girgis and Omnia Mohamed el Nabawy Ahmed Taher
Global Challenges in Teacher Education M.Gopala Krishna
Leadership Styles & Development K Chandra Reddy
Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar: A Global Multi-Dimensional Theorist, Practioner and Liberator S.Ambedkar Ashok
Fostering Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Inclusiveness-Start-up and Stand-up B.E.V.L. Naidu
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Concept of Democracy and Indian Constitution D. G Hanumanthappa
Dupont Analysis and Corporate Performance: A Case Study of Grid Corporation of Odisha LTD: Bhagyadhar Nayak
An Analysis of Adult Education Programme-With Special Reference to Belur Taluk Rathna Y.D.
Re-interpretation of the Vasava Myth in Krithika’s Vasaveswaram Indhu M. Eapen
Representing the Indian Writing Scenario-Then and Now Thammaiah R B and Chetana. P
Training is an important tool for Human Resource Development - a Case Study of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories V. Prabhakar
Status and Strength of Tourism Industry over the Foreign Tourist Arrivals on Indian Economic System Manoj Songara and Firdous Ahmad Wani
Analysis of Material Based Image Retrieval and DIM based Variable Length Signatures G.Lakshmi Devi and Mohammad Zubair
Making of Universal Declaration of Human Rights B. Prabhakara Rao
Reflections on intensifying Youth Suicides – Prevention strategies - A Sociological Approach Shashi kumar
Startups In India- Financial Challenges Anurag Garg
Issues and Challenges of Women Education in India K. Appanna Babu
The Struggle for Equality and Identity: A Study Of Narendra Jadhav’s ‘Outcaste -A Memoir B. Lakshmaiah
Labour Migration from Rural to Urban in Odisha- An analyses Santanu Kumar Das and Narayan Charan Patnaik
A Study of Social Condition of Slum Dwellers -With Special Reference to Mysore City Prakasha.N
Rural Women And Self Help Groups – With Special Reference to Hinkal village of Mysore Taluk R.H.Pavithra
Indian Religious Architecture- Social and Political Challenges E.Nagamani
Samakaalina samaajampai Chalam Bhavala Prabhavam Neeradi Bhagya Lakshmi
Injera: An Ancient Food Medicine in East Africa, Ethiopia G.RaviKumar
An Anthropological Approach Kodagu Community T Sambasiva Rao
Measurement of SHGs with Economic Empowerment Index: A case study in Srikakulam district,Andhra Pradesh Surya Rao Pidugu