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Volume 3 Issue 11(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
The Beneficial Impact/s of Applying Formative Assessment on Iranian University Students’ Anxiety Reduction and Listening Efficacy Ahmadreza Jamshidipour & Masoud Hashemi
An Economic Analysis of Coarse Cereals in Karnataka:A Macro Level Study B. M. Kumara and S. Rajendran
Same- Sex Marriages in India United States of America and European Union: A Comparative Analysis S.A.K. Azad and Prafulla Kumar Nayak
Impact of ICT on Theatrical Performance Nagesh Bettakote and N Mamatha
Human Rights and the Indian Constitution I. Dosagiri Rao & K.Satyanarayana
An overview of Trends in the Health Policies in India Y.Ravini
Political Integration of Sardar Vallabhai Patel B. Prabhakara Rao
The Role of India’s Cement Industry in Economic Growth: an Overview M. Sasi Bhushan
Cultural colonial space in the sea of poppies S.N.Madduleti
Kamikaze Rocks America G. Sunil Kumar
Influence of Electronic Interface on Teacher-Student Relationship in the College Education System K.Bhagyamma
The State of Prevailing Health Conditions In Tribalareas(A Study in the Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh): A.Kavita
To study the attitude of students towards the anti-ragging laws and measures implemented by the Universities of Delhi Rita Chowdhury
The Issues of Land Access to the Tribals in Andhra Pradesh K. Krishna Reddy
Study of Role Structure of More and Less Experienced Primary School Teachers of East Delhi Geeta Kandpal and Narendra Kumar
Jquery - An Interactive Designing Tool in Web Domain: Varsha P. Desai
Preparing a Holistic Approach for A Virtual Aboriginal Health A Holistic Approach “-Discussion Paper Kum. Y. Sita maha Lakshmi
Authentication using Graphical Passwords Priyanka Garg
Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in India: P. Satya Balaram
Judicial accountability Allu Radha Krishna
Relationship between CSR Expenditure and Financial Performance of Commercial Banks Rajnish Yadav
Vendi Megham Mahmad Hahhena
Universal Trend in the History of Karna in Hindi and Kannada Literature R.Ramesh Naik
The Influence of the Bible on English Language and Literature T. Ashok and M. Pochayya