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Volume 3 Issue 1(2) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Impact of Technology on Rural Development in India E.Apparao, Vinay Chaitanya Ganta and N. Kishore babu
Varavikrayam’ Play - Social Consciousnes D.K.Prabhakar
Globalization Impact on the Tribal Cultural Dynamics, Identity and Community Ramakrishnappa.D.C
MGNREGS and Social Progress-with reference to Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh D.Pyditalli
Role of Secondary School Teachers and Technology in Inclusive Education M.Gopala Krishna
Adjustment: Process, Achievement, Characteristics, Measurement and Dimensions Suraj Sharma
The Concept of the Mythological Plays in Kannada Theatre N.Mamatha
A strategic tool in banking: customer relationship management G.Mallika
The disappearance of cultural traits of a multi- facets society in serials M.Chandrakala
The Cultural imposition on Dalits in India B. Lakshmaiah
Erudition and Learning: A Holistic Viewpoint of HRD Michael Vijay Kiran. C; G. Samuel Mores and Gandham Sri Rama Krishna
Management of Hypertension through Yoga and Naturopathy R.Tulasi Rao
Evolution of HRD practices in Indian industries- impact and challenges A. Radhika
Operation of Mobile Businesses of Three Companies –R.COM, MTS and AIRCEL - Under a new entity lead by Reliance Communications in 2015–A Study Rama Krishna Chittajallu
Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Insurance Sector with Perspective in India P.L.Satyavani
Resourceful entrepreneurs from the bottom up- A conceptual framework for new product development in emerging markets G. Rama Krishna and B. Shailaja
Higher Education and Challenges in Academic Development Presents Scenario S. Ambedkar Ashok
Talent Management as a Success factor with Reference to Employee Retention T.Lalitha
Organic Farming in India: The Relevance and Constraints V V S Rama Krishna
Exclusion’ in the novel, Cry, the Peacock by Anetha Dasai N. Ravi Vincent
Impact of world war on British Colonial Economic Policy in India Puttaraju .K.
Effectiveness of Gratitude Therapy on Guilt Proneness Mahadevi Waddar, Ruhi Panandikar, Aditi Tendulkar and Tanya keni