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Volume 3 Issue 1(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Horticulture Practices in the Tribal Areas of Visakhapatnam District in Andhra Pradesh M. Sundara Rao, G.Steeven Raju and K.Yamuna
The Study of Structural and Magnetization Properties of NiO Nanoparticles F.Taghizadeh
Criminal justice system and social defence C.S. Chakravarthy
Micro Finance in India RanjitKumar Siringi
Inclusion of Technology on MSME Sector in India Santanu Kumar Das and Yajnya Dutta Nayak
A Study of Infrastructure Facilities in Primary Health Care Service’s (PHC’S) - With special reference to Alur (T) Hassan (Dist.) Rathna Y.D
Gathitharkika Bhouthikavaadaniki pratheeka-Mahaprasthanam Pulaparthi Srinivasarao
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility a Pillars of Good Governance at Voltas Ltd Kedar Shukla
Occupational Stress among Upper Primary School Teachers in Vijayawada City (A.P. STATE) Jampa Venkata Rama Chandra Rao
A Study of Teacher Value Behaviour In Relation to Teacher Job Satisfaction Manadava Neelima
Effect of Demographic Variables of Employees on the Service Quality Perception-A Study on Selected Public Sector Banks in Hyderabad Chandra Sekhar Pattnaik, Narayana Maharana and S.K. Chaudhury
An evaluation on Industrial policies during 65 years of India’s Independence V.S.D.Hima Bindu
A Study on the Satisfaction of Customers about E-Banking Services in Mysore City Divya.B.S
Centre-State Financial Relations – Issues and Concerns P.Venkata Subbarao and K.U.B.N.V.Prasad
The Quality Of Life of Caregiver’s of Cancer survivors R. Shankar Shanmugam, S.Mangalam and S. Rajathi
An analytical Study of Employment Generation in Agricultural Sector in India Prakasha
Telugu Cinema Patallo Nadithoya Malikalu Naballa Bhanusri
A Critical Study on Indian Constitution- Success And Failures S.A.K. Azad, Principal, & S.D. Moharana
MGNREGA and Rural Poor: A Case Study of Mysore District R.H. Pavithra
Wine Tourism in Karnataka – A Study Lalithamma. M
Menstrual Hygiene and Management among Adolescent Girls in Rural Area - A School Based Study in Thrissur District of Kerala Bini.M