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Volume 2 Issue 4(6) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Small Scale Industries & Generation of Employment for Youth – New perspectives Venkatesh . K.T
The making of a successful student through hobbies – Importance of physical activity in hobby building among youth Kiran Rowth .S
Controlling Campus behavior –redefining Student code of ethics in Colleges Gururaj. K
Supporting sustainability –Managing rural young women empowerment through digital literacy strategies Jagadeesh S.R
Fighting a fatal danger – rising trends of drug Abuse Among students- challenges & considerations Srihari . K
Stimulating Towards Perfection – Meeting the Learning Needs of Students through Effective Teaching Mallesha.G
Empowering rural young women through sports -steps to increase their participation in sports Mallesha K . L
Identification of training needs through effective competency mapping practiEasy with English- perspectives of Youth towards English learning-a global necessity Nanjappa . H
Preparing students to manage exam tension – Some reflections on student psychology management & yoga Ramu. D
Initiatives towards a Healthier rural India –role of youth in health care management Mahadevaswamy M . S
Generating employment opportunities through student career counseling - time for an integrated policy Harish kumar.R
Rising online shopping trends –Role of youth in transforming Indian e -commerce economy –perspectives & challenges Shivakumar B.S
Creating a sustainable reader community- Role of rural libraries in rural youth empowerment Raghavendra A.N
Enhancing learning student capabilities through study tours – new approaches: Basavaraju M.R
Information security awareness & Youth- new legislative Implications Mutharaju S . H
Fusing Learning with Technology – Innovative Mechanisms for Smart Classroom Teaching Umesh. B. C
Transforming student behavior – positive approach to campus management Ramesh Babu V. R
The Challenges of Student Counseling- New Strategies towards Learning Young Minds Ananthamurthy
Training needs of the rural students in India – challenges in creation of rural employability Bellulli Kotresha
Productive Welfare in India through English Seema. S
Political approaches towards rural development policies –a critique D.B. Channabasappa
Restructuring Education towards sustainability – Youth Icon Swami Vivekananda & his views on education Chethan .M .J
Retail Investor Perceptions & growing Capital Market - new perspectives for youth Vijaya Kumar. S .R
Strategies to enhance competitiveness of Indian tourism industry through promotion of youth tourism - the Economic imperatives Madhusudhan . E
Growing consumerism in India –reflections on formulating strategies towards consumer legislation & role of youth Srinivasa K.V