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Volume 2 Issue 4(3) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Child Rights are Human Rights Madabhushi Sridhar
The Human rights and the role of civil society Yelamanchili Satyanarayana
Child Labour: A Survey on Parents’ Perception J.Chandra Prasad and E.Naga Surendra
Human Rights- A Gender Perspective B.V.V.Balakrishna
Human Rights – Challenges in new Global Order D.Venkateswara Rao
Rising Intolerance – Civil Society’s Protest B. Naga Padmavathy, D.M. Neeraja and M.P. Karthik Madhav
Human Rights and Family Life K. Surya Rao
Indian Perspective of Human Rights T.V.Ramana and K.Radha Pushpavathi
Malnutrition in India S.Ramanjaneyulu
Gender Equality as a Right K .Pankaj Kumar and S.Harshini
Panacea to the violations of human rights in secular India N. Ranga Babu
Child abuse at work place- The need for holistic interventions P.Koteswara Raju and K. Satyanarayana
Human Rights in India: Dalit Women Perspective Deepa.Bonigala and D.Suvarna Suni
Convention of 29 May 1993 on Protection of Children and Cooperation towards Inter country adoption and Girl trafficking with respect to Human Rights Klementh Joy Raj
A Perspective Approach on Civil Society in Protecting the Human Rights in India VaramVenkata Narasaiah
Protection of Human Rights in India - The role of NGOs M.Rambabu
Role of Civil Society in Protecting the Human Rights P.Aravind Swamy
Human Rights Education K.S.V.Ranga Rao
Women and the Human Rights P. Suryanarayana Raju and N. Ramesh Babu
Indian Constitution and Human Rights perspective of freedom of speech and expression - An over view K. Pallavi
Intellectual Property Rights in India- Some suggestions to avoid problems KazaVani and Srivarun Chilukuri
Thoughts for Human Rights in Vedic Tradition G. Aruna Kumari and A. Naganna
Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and Consumer Protection Bill 2015- A Review Vishnu Vadde and Nunsavathu Bhavasing Naik
Business Management and Human Rights J.Madan Mohan
Intellectual Property – A pre-condition for protecting Consumer Rights G.V. S. Nageswararao and V. Mrunalini Sasanka
Civil Society and National Human Rights Institutions: Issues and Intricacies A.Venkata Nagavarma, M.L.N.Raju and D.Surya Prabha
Do Women’s Reproductive Rights Matter? - An Inquiry B.V.L.A. Manga
Child rights and Child protection D.Srinivas and K. Rajewara Rao
Women rights and right to information in India as a human rights Ch. Rama Devi
Voice of the child- the issues of child marriages in India K.Pruthu, N.L.Janaki and B. Rajesh
Right to Life and Liberty to Women M.Sandra Carmel Sophia and L.Venkateswara Rao
Freedom of Speech And Expression M.Shantaiah,V.Chittemma, N.Rama Devi, and G. Azimatulla
Women rights – issues & strategies D.D.N. Prasad
Child and Women Rights: Problems and Prospects V. Raj Laxmi
Human Rights Education- The contemporary imperative J.Chandraprasad and V.L.N.V.Bhaskar
The Right to Information Act – The tool for Good Governance K. Surya Rao, K. Radha Pushpavathi and R. Sudarsana Rao
Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression – Social Media P. Aruna,B. Naga Padmavathy and G. Kusuma Kumari
Protection of Child Rights in India- Role of Teachers K.Anandakumar
Protection of Girl Child: Initiatives and Challenges V.V.S.Rama Krishna
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s dynamic views on Women Rights Ramesh Krishna Vipparthi
Child and women rights G. Indira Kumari and P. Lakshmi Devi
Protection and promotion of human rights- role of civil society – Special Reference to feminism in India D. Dhanapal Reddy
Human Rights and the role of Civil Society- Reality or Myth K.Prabhu Sahai
Freedom of Speech and Expression N.Rajasekhar
Protection of Human Rights of Women- International and National Perspective – An Analysis J.S. Prabhakarrao, A.Venkata Naga Varma and M. Venkateswara Rao
Women’s Rights in India: Prospects and Challenge T.Anitha Kumari and G. Rajendra Prasad
Human trafficking in India-Realities and realization M.V.V.Ramanjaneyulu, K. Satish Kumar and M. Satyanarayana
Human Rights and its effects on Women G. Sunil Kumar
The Space of Civil Society and the United Nations Human Rights System – A Critical Analysis T.Y. Nirmala Devi
The Rights of Children and Women –A snapshot M. Guru Pratap Reddy
Catalystic role of e-commerce and consumer protection in India Ramesh Moturi and G. Alice Joy
State of Consumer Protection in India-A survey on engineering students’ perception P. Sridhar Rao and D. Leela Kalyani
Impact of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism on Human Rights - Concerns of the Civil Society I.S.Chakrapani, M. Rajasekhar and S.Kianmaiye
Human rights and intellectual property rights- A new perception Ch. Rama Krishna
An exploration on Nature of human rights D.Satyanarayana
Criminal Justice and Death Penalty Lt. U. Lakshmi Sundari Bai and N.S.V.N.A. Kumar
A Brief note on Women’s Rights V.Venkata Ramana
Right to Health and Few Misconceptions Chilukuri Lakshmi Rekha, K. Vani and Srivarun Chilukuri
Protection of Women and Child Rights- Significant to Human Rights S. Somasekhar and V. Ramabrahmam
Tribal Problems and their Rights in India K.V.Ramana Murty
Organizational and legislative safeguards of Child Labour: A review M. Satyanarayana
Key contributions on the concept of human rights V. Govindu
Right to Information as a Human Right and Its developments in India G. Dwarkamani, P. Jannamma and M. Esther Shobha