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Volume 2 Issue 4(2) Articles List

Name Author(s)
The future of e-libraries: An Analysis Vinoda Kumara.M.C
Information needs of research scholars in Bangalore University Manjunatha.N
Importance of community libraries in India Nagaraja.H
Comparative Study of e -Resources Babuprasad K.C
National mission on library – a critique Ravi.H
Managing college libraries Arun Kumar. M.P
Phases of development of libraries in India Mohan Babu.K
Library automation – concepts & challenges Lakshmisha.H
Rural library movement in India -opportunities & challenges Venugopal.M
Use of consortium for E resources Nagaraju, B.G
Changing roles of librarian Subramanya
Prospects of Digital Libraries in India V.B.Sreekanthaiah
Evaluation study of e -resources in law colleges M.Ramesh Kumar