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Volume 2 Issue 3(3) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Effect of Social Media on Interpersonal Relationships of Students in Public Universities in Kenya Raphael MwitiGikunda& Beatrice MwaraniaMburugu
Assessment of Employees Job Satisfaction: The case of Tabor Ceramic Company TemesgenDestaTolessa
Telugu jateeyodyamapatrikalu D.K.Prabhakar
Dalit Among Dalits: Political Participation of Dalit Women In India DasarathiBhuiyan, and Madan Mohan Bhuyan
21st Century Educational Sector- A Case Study RinuVasanth C.R
SHGs for women empowerment in India K.RadhaPushpavathi
Sub- Regional Politics and Regional Political Parties- BijuJanata Dal Madan Mohan Bhuyan
Child labour in India—a gross violation of the right to educationAct C.S.Chakravarthy
Emerging Trends and Challenges in Human ResourceManagement Gandham Sri Rama Krishna, N.G.S. Prasadand Tholada V.S. Prasad
Foreign Women Tourists Visiting India K. Prasad
Protection of Children against Sexual offences Act, 2012 – An Analytical Study S.D.Moharana
Working Capital In SingareniColleries Company Limited - A Critical Analysis B. Rama Devi and S.Narasimha Chary
Importance of non-technical training and tracking effectivenessshifting organisational focus PadmarajaUsha M
Awareness towards Consumer Laws in Kurnool District of A.P: M.V. Raj Kumari, M. Madhu Lincoln, B. Shailaja, and G. Ramakrishna
Reflections on the Political Inclusion of Women Chaitra. S .G
Democratic Decentralization and Good Governance For the Empowerment of Poor KolluSwamiji
Civil Unrest and Socio-Political Changes: Changing Role Civil Societies Ashoka Kumar Patra
Trading For Political Gains - The Commercial Variants of Tipusultan’s Economic Policy Vidya. H.N
Life Sketch of a Scholar Par Excellence: Benjamin Rice and his Scholastic Contributions to Kannada Literature: Ravi .N.C
Preposterous Women’s Rights Violations in India D. G Hanumanthappa
Whither Reservation Policy in India? : An analysis G. Sumathi
Tribal Development in India: Strategy and Policy : Under the Twelve Five Year Plans A.Karuna