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Volume 2 Issue 3(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Comparıng Athletes’ Audıo-Vısual Reactıon Perceptıon And Rhythmıc Perceptıon Naciye HARDALAÇ and Berkan URAL
Digital India: IT (Indian Talent) + IT(Information Technology) = IT (India Tomorrow - knowledge economy) T.V.Ramana
Corporate Window-dressings in India: Nexus between Auditors and Management Santanu Kumar Das
Human Rights and the Environment—An Analytical Study C.S.Chakravarthy
Intellectual Dialogue: Need of the Hour for India US Trade Relation Ayyagari Raja Rajeswari
Self Help Groups and Women Empowerment: A case study of West Godavari District, AP K.RadhaPushpavathi
“The Instrument to the Agent”: Reading P B Shelley’s “To A Skylark” in the Context of His A Defense of Poetry: D. YoganandaRao
Redefining the Meaning and Practices of Secularism in Indian Democratic System: A New Policy Pattern for Social Change AshaBhandari
Reapportioning Technology on English Language Vijayalakshmi Sam
Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Places: A Critical Study: S.D. Moharana
Academic Stress and Adjustment Levels of Secondary Students N. Anuradha
Feasibility of lime stabilized black cotton soil in flexible Pavements K.Rajasekharamand CH.V.HanumanthaRao
Improvement of safe bearing capacity of Moorum using cement as admixture: G.GowriShankaraRao,G.Durga Rama Naidu and CH.V.HanumanthaRao
Growth of India’s trade with individual SAARC countries K.MaheswaraRao
An evaluation on Industrial policies during 65 years of India’s Independence V.S.D.HimaBindu
Innovative teaching and learning strategies for slow learners S.SunilaSailaja
Use of Semantic Web in Digital Library Services Sudhir Kumar Jena and ManaswiniPatra
Free Legal Aid is a Human Right Dr.Petikam.Sailaja
The structure and growth of Expenditure of Gram Panchayats in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh: A case Study V. Mahipal
Environmental Education for Biodiversity Conservation: Suresh Chand
Era of Globalization and Its Impact on open Market NasreenTaj
Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary in the Language Classroom G.Chenna Reddy and Shiny K.P
Social Status of Courtesans (Ganika) : in Ancient India Vilas S. Jadhav
B.R Ambedkar: Architect of the Indian Constitution DeepomBaruah
Victimisation of women under Cyberspace in Indian Environment S. K Mohapatra