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Volume 2 Issue 2(8) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Developing Entrepreneurship among Youth in India: The need of the day : Chanchal Mukherjee
Women in Educational Management and Leadership in India: Jaladi.Ravi and CH. Sujatha
Entrepreneur – New Innovation: B. Kuberudu, M. Arun Kumar and N. Aparna
Qualities and qualifications of human resources manager vs entrepreneur in the corporate world: A .Chandra Mohan, T. Kishore Kumar and Mr.KKK Chand
Personal financial planning among college students – big league of the nation: A.R.ShanmugaPriyaandM.Chitra
A comparative study on the financial performance of women entrepreneurial companies in India: A.R.ShanmugaPriya, T.Kishore and R.KrishnaRaj
Women entrepreneurship in India- problems and prospects: G.Henry James and K. Satyanarayana
A study on implementation intensities of alternate career paths in the IT sector: B.R. MeghaRajand Rose Mary Dara
Role of management education in India: Jaladi. Ravi and B. chellayya
Industry-Institute Interface in Management Education:Optional or Outfitted: Methuselah Sangam and Israel RajuVuram
The Status of Management Education in India: J. Ravi, G.Venkata Ramakrishna Raoand V. Rajendra Prasad
Management Education: A Historical Perspective: Ch. MadhusudhanaRao and K. Hari Hara Raju
Management Education in Indian: Issues and Concerns : B.V.R. Naidu and O.V.A.M Sridevi
Considerations on entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs: Current features of Entrepreneurship in India: RanjitKumar Siringi ,R.Sunil and K. Purandharareddy
Impact of Management Development Practices on Professional Competency: K.KanakaRaju
Strategies of the State and Private Management Education and Social Transformation: S. Ambedkar Ashok
Challenges and opportunities in management education in India: Jaladi Ravi and B.Subbaiah
Globalization and Executive Education: R. Satyaraju
Impact of School Management on Academic Achievement of Primary School students in slum areas of Visakhapatnam: B. Ganapathi
Role of B-School in Entrepreneurship Education in India Mr.A.K.Mohideen
Role of gender in management education: Some Policy Issues: B RatnaKumari
Management Education System in India—Past, PresentandFuture Status : C.S. Chakravarthy