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Volume 2 Issue 2(7) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Importance of Management education and its impact on Entrepreneurship development in India: Nalla. Sushma, and Sanapala V L N Uday Kumar
A Study on management education role of Industry: A.SitaMahalakshmi,
Management Education for Entrepreneurship Development With reference to Seemandhra Universities in view of State Bifurcation: P.S. Ravi Prasad and I. Rama Haritha
Management education and future trends : Katta Ashok Kumar
Management education and entrepreneurship: Scope, challenges and role of B-schools in promoting Entrepreneurship: Shailendra Yadav & AbdolRahman Noorinasab
The status of management education in India: G.Venkata Ramakrishna Rao and V. Rajendra Prasad
Growth of Management Education in India: Y. Naga Raju and K. Hari Hara Raju
Management Education and Entrepreneurship skills and its role development: G.ThouseefAhamed
Management Education for Entrepreneurship Development: N.Vijayaratnam , K.Priyadarsiniand P.Srinivasarao
Role of Gender in Management Education and Entrepreneurship Development: A. Radhika
Approaches to Management Development: A. Jyothi, K.V.MuralidharRao, and K.Ramanababu
Management education - leadership: history – present – future status: Dr Syed Siraz
The role of gender in management education and entrepreneurship development: LeelaVijayalakshmi.j, and T.Swetha
Management Education for Entrepreneurship Development: K. Vidyasagar and N. Kishore Babu
Contemporary Issues in Venture Capital (VC) funding, In India’s Education Sector: a Perspective: R. Sivaram Prasad
Importance of Entrepreneurship Education for Social Inclusion: K.K.K.Chand, A C Mohan
Fostering Corporate Entrepreneurship: K.K.K.Chand,A C Mohan
Management Education for Entrepreneurship Development: S.Ravi Krishna
Role of Management Education in Entrepreneurship Development: Jaladi Ravi, BhanotuVenkateswaraRao and P. SatyaVara Prasad