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Volume 2 Issue 1(3) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Correlation between children advertisement B. Kuberudu  and E.NagaSurendra
Analysis of Rural Household Food Security in Wonago District, Gedeo Zone, SNNP Regional State, Ethiopia GoitomWeldegerima, AbrehamKebedom and NigussieYohannse
Evaluation of rural development policy and strategy in Ethiopia P.NandeeswaraRao and NeduriSuryanarayana
Study of Primary School Teachers Effectiveness SunitaGodiyal
Jainism as Philosophical Backbone of Human Rights-A Perspective in Indian Jurisprudence AshaBhandari
Live in relationship in India:- A Legal Perspective SudhansuRanjanMohapatra
Institute Interaction For Sustainable Growth“ with Special focus on Management Education YVVSSS Vara Prasad
The operational system of Panchayati Raj in Goa BalajiSudasshenvy
Effective Communication Skills to Build Human Capital G. ReddiSekhar Reddy
An Analysis of Poverty Reduction And Human Development in India Girish M.C
SavitribaiPhule First Woman Teacher in India Archana Malik-Goure
Crafting   Campus Awareness –Strategies Towards Creation of Campus  Sustainability VIDYA.H.N
Structural Formation of Agraharas  in Medieval South India –A Case Study of HosaholaluAgrahara Puttaraju.K.
Connecting through language - reflections on the spread of Russian Sanskrit scholarship Veena.H.N
Self – Help Groups and Economic Empowerment of Women in India Rathna Y. D
Stress Management In Adolescent Students J .Venkata Rama chandraRao
Using Mother Tongue in teaching vocabulary in the Class Room to Enhance Communication Skills Shiny K.P
An Analysis on Population Growth of Yanam Region K.Prasad
The Dynamics of Performance Management G. S. Rama Krishna&G.Samuel Mores
Enhancing Students’ Grammar by using Games: A Practical Classroom Experience B.V.SrinivasRao
The Glass Palace – A Multigenerational SAGA M. NageswaraRao
Termites Destroying Structural Wood on Cost Basis in Hyderabad Urban System S.venkataramaraju
An overview on the Child labour Suresh Kumar
Indian Government Policy on   Industrial Relations: An overview Thirupathaiah. Dulla
Special provision to Jammu & Kashmir. Why? Pradeepta Kishore Sahoo
Ecotourism Tourism in East Godavari  
Issues In Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 Vijayakumar Bandi
Success Through Social Responsibility: A unique Model of TATA Group Santanu Kumar Das
Anti-Competitive agreements: concepts under competition Act 2002 Gundavedasree
Judicial Accountability P.Venkata Subba Rao and V.RamaRao
Implimemtation of Indhiramma scheme in Andhra Pradesh K. Amareswara Rao