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Volume 1 Issue 3(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Employees’ Awareness, Relationship, Mediation, Citizenship Behavior and Commitment on Brand: A Study TagayFirde
A Comparative Study of work values of Secondary School Teachers and Teacher trainees SunitaGodiyal
The Role of Women in Goa’s Struggle for Freedom BalajiSudasshenvy
Insurance: Initiatives of Government of India Rama Krishna Chittajallu
Educational Adaptations for Hearing impaired - A Bird View T.G.Amuthavalli
Impact of Social Media: Pros & Cons Ch.Srinivas and P.VenkataSubbaRao
History of the development of Human rights K. Suresh Kumar
Educational amenities  of Tribal School Children: A Study of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh V.Suresh
An overview on the Indian Modern Banking Services S. Praveen
Relevance of Automation & Networking in Public Libraries of Andhra Pradesh M.V.Subbarao
Enhancing Student’s Grammar By Using Games: A Practical Classroom Experience Rejeti Krishna Rao
Language: A Communication Code M. Pochayya
Impact of Yogic Practices on Academic Achievement CH. Hema and G. Vijaya Lakshmi
Witch Hunting: A tool of terrorization across the World and its Legal Ramifications SudhansuRanjanMohapatra
Jan Exclusion-Dhan Inclusion: A view on Prime Minister’s Speech on 68th Independence Day BorugaddaSubbaiah
A Case study on problems of Elementary School Teachers G.maruthi kumara and G.vijayalakshmi
An Overview on Contract Labour System in India M.ManiSekhar
Investment avenues according to Islamic Sheri’ah Principles: - A Study Kafeel Ahmed and Dr.JavedIqbal
Extension of Child labour in India K.Venkatesulu
Environment and Sustainable Development K.AppannaBabu
Socio, Bio- Economic Problems in Global Economic Growth M. BalaSwamy
Mathematics Anxiety among the Secondary School Students J. V. Rama Chandra Rao
Issues in Urban government in India Ch. ChalapathiRao
Panchayat Raj system in Tribal Areas V JanardhanaRao Naidu
Natural Resource Management through Community based Extension approach J.Tulasiram and Nagesh
Women empowerment in India J.Tulasiram
Comparative Study of Work Life Balance in Various Industrial Sectors in Telangana Region Allam Joseph Praveen Kumar
Quality of Work Life of Nurses and Paramedical Staff in Hyderabad Hospitals N.Poulinamma
Attraction of Consumers towards Online Shopping in Hyderabad : A Descriptive Study A. SaiVishwagna
A Study on Patient Satisfaction in Telangana Hospitals (A Study on three Urban Hospitals in Hyderabad, Telangana N.Poulinamma
Impact of Television Advertising on Children of Visakhapatnam City Dr. Challa Ramakrishna and Mr. KrishnaveerAbhishekChalla
Culture Shock in JhumpaLahiri’s “The Namesake” Dr. SwathiChikkala and  Mr. KrishnaveerAbhishekChalla
Communicator Gandhi as a Non Violent Manager Mr. KrishnaveerAbhishekChalla and Mr. Raghu Raj Yerra