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International Society for Research Activity (ISRA)

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Multi-Disciplinary, Peer Reviewed, Refereed & Indexed Journal

IJAR-A Common Platform of Voice of Intellectuals as Change Agents for better Society.

Transformation of knowledge is inevitable in the global contemporary economies due to posit a bulk of challenges and changes. We can be premeditated them by create a pleasant research platform with voice of intellectuals. Frequent research in social science, humanities and technology is ample solution to deep rooted problems. In this context, IJAR is offering common platform to share research in all the disciplines with intellectuals like faculty, researchers, professionals and innovative skills/ knowledge personalities. IJAR establish its credibility with the continuous effort to deliver the qualitative research towards International repute.

International Journal of Academic Research is a Peer-Reviewed Journal and valid as per New UGC Gazette regulations on minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges (Date:18/07/2018)


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