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Volume 1 Issue 2(3) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Food security: Antagonistic Effects of Climate Change Dr. P.V. Ramesh Babu, Dr. G. Vijay Kumar,A. Chandrakala, D.G.M. Saroja
Interdependency of Climate and Indian Agriculture in relation to National Food Security Dr. G. Vijay Kumar,Dr. P. V. Ramesh Babu, A. Chandrakala
Radio Pollution CH Rajani Chandra,Lavanya,Y. Ratna Kumar
Effects of EM Radiation on Human Health P.Raju, T.S.H.BalajiRao,Y. Ratna Kumar
Climate Change: Effects on Sustainable Livelihoods -Environmental Education and Awareness Dr.T.SharonRaju,Kate. Dandesh Kumar
A Dispense on Global Climate Change Perspective: Is it too late to Prevent the Warmness Nikhil Bansal,PankajSevta,AbhinavAnand
Critical Appraisal of National Green Tribunal Act, 2010 Muhammad RiyazulAmeen,AbhinavDahariya
Menace of Electronic Waste: An inquiry into a need for effective and efficient Legal framework Ashish Patel, ManasiKhare
Climate Change effects on Sustainable livelihoods-Role of Civil society, Media and Advocacy Groups Ganta Suman
Effects of Nuclear Radiation: A Silent Killer Ayushi Agrawal
Development, Displacement and Resettlement Anjaly Jolly
Human Health Perspective on Climate Variations Akash Tiwari, Nandini Kumar
Environment Education of Teacher Educators and Teachers Through Technology Dr.R.S.S.Nehru
Management of Hazardous Waste: Policies and Legal Framework - A Critical Analysis Sumit Kapoor