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Volume 1 Issue 2(2) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Learning Assessment in a Self -learning Material Dr. Mohammad HabiburRahman
Effectiveness and efficiency of internal control system and internal audit function over cash operation in Cooperative Bank of Oromia Dagnu Lulu Bekele
All Laws are not applicable to Jammu & Kashmir: An analysis Dr. PradeeptakishoreSahoo
Entrepreneurial and Marketing behavior of Garlic producers in Agri-export Zone, Malwa Plateau, in Madhya Pradesh India: A Study Mr.ShyamGowa
Status of Tribal Education in Andaman & Nicobar Islands- A study Hema Banerjee
Gandhian Heroes in the Novels of Bharani Bhattacharya A. Ramesh Babu
Industry – University Interface: Perceptions of the Respondents Dr. K. Kanaka Raju
Ahimsa and Non-Violence in Gandhian Philosophy Dr. BandiVijaya Kumar
Development of agriculture and allied micro enterprises and rural livelihood Dr. A.Jagadeeshbabu
Role of NHRC in protecting right to health Dr. SudhansuRanjanMohapatra
The concept of Ramrajya and its contemporary relevance Dr.Jatinder Kumar
Practices and challenges of employee performance appraisal in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ethiopia AdebaHundera
Transcendental Meditation on a measure of Self-Regulation Prakash M.A.S. Rao
Assessment of organizational change management practice, A study on Nekemte Hospital, Ethiopia ChalaDiribaDaba
Determinants of trainee’s monetary expenditure for Secondary Teacher Education course in Assam Amar Upadhyaya
Rejuvenating learning process through Ancient Indian Pedagogic Skills Dr. Vidya. H.N
One man, one mission, one movement: life & time of Dr. N. S Hardikar Dr. Puttaraju
Stages of urbanization: some reflections on the March of Subha of Sira as an Imperative Political Unit Lingaraju
Vegetable Cropping, Marketing -A Case Study in Godavari Delta Region, AP M.BalaSwamy
Relevance of Gandhian Principles- Global reflections on the application of economic ideas of Mahatma Gandhi Padmavathi P
Testing administrative skills –the pragmatic evolution of Mysore Civil Service Exams Shantha .P.R
Beginning a positive career through adaptation of proper interview skills Nandan .P
Efficient Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in MANETs using Continuous Neighbour Discovery M. SrinivasaRao,  and  A.V.N. Chandrasekhar
Learning Search Goals using Markov Process for Web Mining RamdasKapila , NemanaJayalakshmi and  M. SrinivasaRao
Solving Routing Problem in Multicast Delay Tolerant Networks using Hybrid Routing M. Swathi, M. SrinivasaRao,and A.V.N. Chandrasekhar
Methods of Teaching English P. Y. Krupavaram
Language is a Vehicle for Communication N.Raju