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Volume 1 Issue 2(1) Articles List

Name Author(s)
Technological Change and Its Impact on Tenancy Relation in West Bengal Dr. B. C. Rudra, Dr. A. K. Pal
Ambedkarism and its relevance in achieving Social justice Dr. BandiVijaya Kumar
Understanding the formal structure of legal reasoning –its use and limits–A perspective in Indian Jurisprudence DrAshaBhandari
A Study on Adjustmental Problems of old Persons Dr. M.A. Zulfikar Ali
Beneficiaries’ Perceptions on EMRI 108 Service (With reference to Visakhapatnam City) Dr. K. Satyanarayana,Dr. K.Hari Hara Raju
Inter Tribe Variations in Occupational Patterns - A Study of Tribes in Srikakulam District, A.P S. Ganesh
Linking of secondary education with Higher education in India Dr.R.SivaPrasadh
The Role of Brahman & Management of an Agrahara –With Special Reference to Agraharas of Hassan District Dr. Vidya. H.N.
Role of Knowledge Management in Developing Capabilities for Increasing Enterprise's Absorptive Capacity An analysis Dr.P.V.V.Satyanarayana
Building Self Awareness: The Swadeshi Cult in Princely Mysore Dr. Puttaraju
Horticulture Development in Andhra Pradesh Dr. A.Jagadeeshbabu
Furthering Technology-Mysorean Rockets V/S Congreve Rockets Lingaraju
The Review of Recent Challenges in Information Technology Management Dr. A.JagadeeshBabu
Analogous Traumas of Women in Arundhati Roy’s ‘The God of Small Things’ in comparison with Mulk Raj Anand’s ‘Untouchable N. Ravi Vincent
Tenets of Business Writing Skills – Learning to Manage Business with new Expertise Nandan .P
Virtue Ethics in Indian Philosophy Archana Malik-Goure
Employees’ Retention Measures in International Airport, Hyderabad –A case Study K.V.RamanaMurty
Sustainability of HRM via Quality Work Life -A Case Study Dr. D. Satyanarayana
Earning indices of social groups in Guntur districts Dr. D.Thirupathaiah
What can India learn from Bhutan Dr.N.Venkateshwarlu
Solar ATMs: Banking for all D. NarenderNaik, and Ramesh Ajmeera
Food Security In India Dr.Ruchi Gupta
Performance Evaluation of Regional Rural Banks in India during Post Merger Period N.P.S.V.N.Murthy and Dr. M.SaradaDev
Data Governance Good Practices and the role of  Chief Information Officer DeepjyotiChoudhury
Financial Reporting: Issues and Challenges in India Santanu Kumar Das
The Significance of Soft Skills: An Overview Dr. Tupakula Ashok
Policy Holder’s Perception towards Life Insurance Policies Dr. KanakaiahMadasi
Status of Children in India: An Analysis Dr.M.Satanarayana
Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Empowering the Disadvantaged Women N. Kalpanakumari
The conflict between self and Society: A study of LeelaBenare in Tendulkar’s Silence! The court is in Session B.Lakshmaiah